Domino scheme or public Holles Street

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Mrs2be14 Posts: 103
Hi guys! First timer here and totally overwhelmed by options! Had decided to go public with Holles street but then found out about domino scheme and now I'm so confused! Love the idea of seeing same people throughout and the easy access to local clinics but I've two main reservations! love to try the whole natural birth but as its first time I've no idea how or what I might feel or need?? Spoke to lady in Holles street who said that epidural would only be an option if it was medically needed? Is this something they have to say or is that how it is? Did anyone here have pain relief using the scheme? Like I said I'd hope not to but not sure I like that it's completely off the table? 2.early release sounds great but if I was anxious or nervous about going hone I'd hope I could have option of staying. Again she said no that orcwill only be an option if I needed to stay for medical reasons? Any info, thoughts or opinions be appreciated. She said I should feel comfortable with my choice and not to rush it. Maybe as I'm first time I should just go normal route but can't get the dominos out of my mind for that personal experience! Agh!
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
I went domino for my baby, first also. Coombe not holles street but I'd imagine they're similar. Cannot reccommend the domino midwives enough. We tended to see the same 2 the whole pregnancy as their roster pattern tends to follow you appts, would of been the midwife we saw most deliver, if I hadn't been overdue and transferred to public. That's my only gripe, assuming it would be the same in HS? Is you're overdue you have to transfer to public. It was so nice not having to go into town for all the appts, the local clinic is a 3 min drive from my house, the midwives completely took their time with you. I loved the idea of being home with my baby and husband, tbh, I'd an emergency section and would of preferred to have hubby with me as moving and lifting baba to feed was difficult, if I'd been home he'd of been there.