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short n sweet Posts: 1802
Hi Girls I'm a bit confused about my options - what I would like to know is 1 - does anybody know if I can do the Domina Scheme if I live in Wicklow - and if so does this mean I can go to the ante natal clinic locally rather than in Dublin and 2 - If I do this can I also go semi private for the time I am actually in hospital? Thanks a mill I really am clueless :-8
grumpy Posts: 1280
I really don't have a clue whether or not Wicklow is covered by a scheme as I went to the Rotunda. I do know however that its a public scheme, and you can't opt to go into a private ward.
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hi I'm in Wicklow :wv and am doing the domino scheme it depends whereabouts in Wicklow you are I think it has to be in a certain radius of clinics. I don't have to go to town for app have only been in to Holles st. once I go to local clinics in Greystones. Which is great there is very little waiting times and midwives are lovely. It is public scheme but have been told by midwives and by lady who reg. me in Holles st that I can ring up 6weeks before due date and book semi private room, but, with the domino scheme to whole idea is to promote early release, between 6 & 12 hours after the birth so the chances of you even needing a semi private room are slim. The midwife at the anti natal classes last week said that if all goes well you would be more than likely discharged from the delievery room if its not need by someone else. Congrats on your pregnancy :o)ll