Domino v community midwives????

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kay2013 Posts: 42
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has experience of either the domino scheme or the community midwife programme? If so, what the major difference between them and would you recommend? I'm new to all this and looking for any help I can get. Thanks
sunray2828 Posts: 70
Hi congratulations first of all. I'm not sure about community midwives but I went with the Domino team through the rotunda and couldn't speak more highly of them they were so nice. It was great having my appointments in the clinic nearer home than the hospital and after having my little girl and going home it was so great having them come to the house the days after I felt so supported as I had heard loads of bad stuff about the phn so was terrfied of seeing her. Hope this helps a little
kay2013 Posts: 42
Thanks Sunray, I tried to get on the domino scheme but it is fully booked so think the community midwives are my other option, just finding it difficult to figure out the difference between the two.
lilytiger Posts: 536
I'm with the community midwives up in Lucan in conjunction with the coombe.. I find it brilliant, they run to appointments so I'm never waiting long to be seen. I had my 12 week and 20 week scan in naas as I livein Kildare, and the rest of the time I'm seen in rosse court in Lucan.. As far as I know, the domino midwives scheme lets you home early and then the midwife comes to you for the first 5 days at home. I don't think I'll get that as I'm outside the catchment area but still have had two trouble free previous pregnancies so qualify for midwife led care none the less.