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adorable Posts: 249
hi girl's.... we are worried sick,went back to the coombe today after bleeding last week. they couldn't tell me anything last week measures at 5mm and today i was 15mm so sac is growing but they still couldnt see anything again. he said he he has seen this b4 and it can be fine but also that the sac can grow and nothing in it. ive to wait til monday week to go for another scan and they will no for sure. worried out of our minds......has this happened to any1 else. :thnk
minnie08 Posts: 580
I didn't have that experience and I don't know what to tell you. I just wanted to say that I hope everything will be okay. The waiting must be very difficult. Take care. :xox
adorable Posts: 249
thanks minnie,it's very difficult. just hard to see lite at the end of the tunnel. there's always hope until the scan i suppose!
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Adorable, I dont have any advise, but wanted to say that I hope everything will be ok for you and your lo
Gallifrey Posts: 472
Adorable, I have had that exact experiance, bleeding from 5 - 10 weeks and had 3 scans before they could finally see heartbeat. Its very worrying and nothing said here will make it less so for you. As you can see from my ticker it all went well for us and have a gorgeous DD. Hope it all goes well for you too. x
Elegance Posts: 2848
adorable... just wanted to say lots of luck. i really hope that everything is ok. its the waiting thats the hardest i know. :xox
adorable Posts: 249
thanks for the well wishes girls. it's hard to think of anything else and im trying to think positive but i just don't understand how he cudn't see nothing and im thinking have i miscarried already or just earlier than i think. altho the sac is measuring at 15mm which is wat it shld be for 6-8 weeks stage of pregancy. im blessed with a ds and wat will be will be. thanks alot again,this forum is a lifeline,u think your the only 1 going through these situations. just to add im public in the coombe and the doc was SO nice,he was so sensitive with the situation,cant remember his name but he was a gentleman!!