Donegal & Mayo Final tickets wanted!!

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ghan Posts: 60
Anyone have tickets available for the match? I'm not a member of my club at home (donegal) anymore as I am in living in Mayo! I am engaged to a Mayo man and we are both big into football so needless to say there is big excitement at home and work! If you can help me out I would be very grateful!! O-O
baby dust Posts: 23
they are like gold dust,we are mad looking too! it'll be a great match and great craic for you id say living in mayo :) im from donegal and have a loads of family in mayo,none of us have tickets yet,we have everybody asked but if we dont get tickets were all heading to dublin anyway meet up with the donegal and mayo crowd,and watch it in one of the pubs...i cant not wait till the 23rd!! up donegal!
ghan Posts: 60
Hi babydust, Same as that! Going to head up to dublin anyway. It will be great craic! Of course my loyalties lie with donegal and I hope they win but will be happy for Mayo if they win too! So exciting.. Hopefully we'll get the ticketS. Tír Conaill Abú!