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doneit Posts: 321
Gosh, it's seems like a while ago now, but I've only gotten round to finishing this up now. Sorry if I ramble on - just full of the joys of life!! Well the lead up to the wedding didn't quite go as planned. Three weeks to go and I was starting to feel the pangs of panic – little did I know. We were due to fly home on the 24th – well on the 11th , a really bad hurricane hit our lovely island. Wont bore you with the details, and with what has happened in Asia, we got off lightly. Didn’t feel like it at the time and I will not forget having my wedding dress stored in the tumble dryer for safe keeping though – not recommended! As soon as I got home, I’d to make up time for all the things I never got to do before coming home. So the week before was great, albeit a tad rushed. With great help from family and bridesmaid/best man we got everything sorted. The night before we all met up in our local and had a great night. Coming home for the wedding made things really special – getting to see everyone again. At 11.45 that night I got up to leave – couldn’t see himself on the day. So I went to give him a sneaky kiss goodnight – well the pub exploded!! It was only then it hit me – I’m getting married in the morning!!! Went home and tried to get some sleep, for someone who was as calm as anything, I had the worst night sleep – it was awful, I think I had some kind of panic attack in the dark!! But eventually got to sleep, only to wake up to the pouring rain in the morning. Honestly, I felt like going out and kicking the child of Prague statue around the garden. I drove with my sisters, neice and bridemaids to the hairdresser, then on to the beauticians and then home. I was really happy with the whole ‘look’. It was still me. I was so calm at this stage, I was still on the “I can’t get it to sink in I’m the bride??” I got home to find a huge boquet from himself, ‘to my beautiful bride – can’t wait to see you later’ - Sure that was it, the first of the days tears!! I was the most calm in the household. Parents freaking out, people everywhere, while I was just dying to get my dress on!! I really wanted to be on time. Driving in the car with my Dad was so sweet though, he was so nervous – I was calming him down. Even once we got outside the church, I was still fine – no bother – lets get this show on the road kind of thing! I was at the back of the church with my bridesmaids fixing my dress, and I hear ‘hear comes the bride’; well it was like some one punched me in the gut! I nearly crumbled!! I grabbed my dad’s arm and he nearly carried me in the door. I was walking down the aisle and my future husband had his back to me, when he turned around, I can honestly say that was the happiest moment of my life! It’s amazing how someone who is so familiar can luck so different – so good different!! He was beaming!! My Dad walked over and put my hand on his, and said, ‘don’t ever let that hand go’ well that was it – another few tears!! We had to light the candles at the start of the ceremony and both of our hands were shaking so much the whole church started to laugh – it really broke the ice and started the day perfectly. The whole day went so fast. It rained a bit as we came out of the church, so the family photos were a bit rushed, when we got to the grounds though, the sun came out. We went to the beach for a couple of photos – it was freezing – Oct 1st – what did we expect! The reception was fantastic – the speeches had even more tears. Even some from my new husband, when it came to his speech, which was some thing I would have never thought happen. More when my Dad, started talking about his best friend for ages, I didn’t know whom he was on about until I realized it was me he was talking about!! The band were fantastic, the dancefloor was packed all night long. They made the lads do the best rendition of river dance I’ve ever seen – what a laugh, I’ve never seen my husband move like that before. He was on a complete high! My Dad had another surprise in store for me – he had contacted the band before the wedding and got them to learn a new song!! Girls, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – even the woman behind the bar was crying. They played, ‘dance with my daughter on her wedding day’ – Lord, I’m going to start off again even thinking about it! We haven’t seen the video yet, so there are loads of parts that I can’t remember, I know I threw my bouquet. Dan’s sister went mad for it! We even had a gatecrasher – the drunkest girl in Ireland stumbled in the room, and wait for it – asked me where was Simon?? Simon who?? The groom she proceeds to tell me?? “Ah, this is my wedding honey, and the grooms name is Dan??” She had the gaul to ask me where was the bride?? It was too funny. I’m guessing she was at the wrong wedding. How does that happen? We went from the function room to the residence bar, where everyone, even my husband sang!! It was just fantastic. There was a mock stripper – the drinks were kicking in – it was a bit late in the day. We snuck off about 5.30am. Went up to our and stayed up till about 7.30am going through the day minute by minute. It was just fantastic (have I said that already!) All of family and close friends stayed around for the following night, so it was a whole weekend affair. We got home on the Sunday and flew off on our honeymoon on the Tuesday morning – I don’t think I wouldn’t have needed the plan, we were both so high, I could have flown there my self. Ahhhh………….I’m just sorry it’s all over! As soon as I get the know how I’ll add on the links to the whos and the wheres.
Grainne20 Posts: 835
oh your poor dad...i have tears in my eyes....would love some pics too!!!! congrats!!
Mrs VM Posts: 189
Awww, sounds like a magical day Doneit......your Dad sounds so sweet! And the gatecrasher story is definitely one for the grandchildren!!! Look forward to seeing the snaps... :wink: Have a wonderful life together Mrs VM
Mrs. Allie Posts: 275
OH I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a really cheeky gatecrasher!! Congrats, sounds like you really enjoyed your day! All the best for the future Allie