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Towniegirl Posts: 881
I was due my period just Mon gone and it was only a very light bleed for like 2 days so it made me think am I?? I'm on the pill so thought my body was doing funny things :o0 It has done before. Anyway I had a cheap early bird pt at home and did it. I thought it was neg but then I read it again about 20 mins later (I know you are not supposed to read it after 5/10 mins) and got this very very faint line... I dont know if I'm imagining this or is it really happening?? I've no other symtoms. I'm so nervous and worried to be honest cos we defintely weren't taking of having another baby (We have two small boys) and worry about the creche costs etc. My dh will freak if he knew and I can't tell him this either. What do ye think, am I or am I not?
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
it could well jsut be a small period bleed cause of being on the pill etc. and if you say ur body does funny things sometimes then that should not be alarming. the line you saw was most likely an evaporation line esp after 20mins. i think if they read a line after a long time, then its not really positive. why dont you try a cb digital? it should def tell ya if preg or not. hope you get what your want :)
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Yea I'd second the digital tests trying to determine lines is headwrecking at leat this way there are no lines to judge it spells it out for you. Hope you get the result you want....
Towniegirl Posts: 881
Girls I did another test this eve, first response this time and another very faint line came up after 3 mins.
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i didnt use first response. i rather see the words than try to guess with a line. and best wee is first in the morning. why dont you try a cb digital on a morning wee? it may save all the guessing!
Towniegirl Posts: 881
Yeah you are probably right but its two different tests now both with faint lines so maybe if I feel I need to do another one I will do the cb digital next.
MammyC Posts: 3621
seems like a bfp to me!! :o)ll :o)ll