dont know whats wrong?

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
Hi Ladies, I am just feeling really crappy today and feel like crying I am getting weird pains like a wave of when you have a dodgy tummy every so often, my belly feels that stretched it is about to burst open and I jsut feel so uncomfortable, my upper back is hurting. I am just wondering does this go away maybe I am just having a bad week. I am also getting what is like when you get a shock off a car in my belly. I am so emotional lately so maybe that and feeling crappy is not a good combination and I am just being a moan....just wondering anyone else feeling like this???? Also last night I was getting pains in my uterus :-8 it was weird like someone had put something up there and was tugging it out sorry probably tmi but just wondering does anyone else feel like this??? x
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Poor pet, just wanted to give you a hug. I don't have any advice for you, though I'm guessing it's probably par for the course unfortunately. Hopefully one of the other Mums will have more info for you. Hope you feel better soon. xxx :thnk :xxx
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Here's a hug from me too :xxx Afraid I don't really have a clue as I'm well behind you back in the second trimester. The only think I can think of is Braxton Hicks??? I think they can get painful at your stage. Hope you will feel better soon.
mama sugar Posts: 1387
ah I am probably having an emotional day you know when you are emotional things feel worse :o( I am blaming every pain I get on them braxton hicks!!! but you are probably right.....don't know why I am feeling like this but feel like bursting out crying!! thanks for the hugs x hugs back hope you both are feeling good x
mumtobe Posts: 145
Hi Mama Sugar.... I hope you are ok , I felt the exact same as you yesterday. I just didnt feel right & thought my belly was going to explode. Didn't sleep much last night but feel alot better this morning , so hopefully you will feel better tomorrow. Fingers crossed its just something that will pass , I think its just part of been pregnant & only having a few weeks left. Let us know how you feel tomorrow Take Care
mama sugar Posts: 1387
thanks mumto be that sound positive think it is just a bad day alright usually I can dust myself off but feeling a bit sorry for myself and being in pain and emotional is not good!! :o( but as you said hopefully it will pass and I will be back to my normal self glad to here you are feeling good today x
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hello Mama Sugar, can I join your club? Have the feeling that the third trimester is going like the first - hormonal, weepy and achy. Unreal. Have had shooting pains darting from bump downwards - according to midwife this is just all the muscles preparing themselves - tested my breathing techniques and they work although must say pain is minimal. Times where bump goes all hard for a few minutes - early contractions (braxton hicks?) - sometimes just takes my breath away but gynac has advised me to take magnesium tablets and this doesn't happen as often anymore. Have also got the back pain too - love being in the bath, but that's uncomfortable now - even sitting here at laptop is uncomfortable without a cushion in back. Am up at least 4 or 5 times every night to go to loo - have given up looking at the time as this was driving me crazy. Am so glad I'm not alone and am also putting it down to the body getting ready for the birth. Expect to go early but hoping I'll manage the 35th / 36th week. Sorry I can't help you any further - here's a hug from me too - and no crying !! :xox :xox
mumtobe Posts: 145
Hi Mama Sugar, Just wondering how you are feeling today ?
mama sugar Posts: 1387
Hi there mum2be and ladies, Feeling alot better today thank god, went to be early last night although still wrecked not as achey....but still emotional!!! but I am fine thank god.....hope all you ladies are keeping well and feeling good x
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Glad to hear you're feeling better hun :xox Not long to go now for you - you must be getting excited (or nervous?!) Don't know where the time has got to! xx