Door bouncer

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cluckychick Posts: 26
Does anyone have one of these or know how they they attach on to the door frame? Or would you suggest the regular seat bouncer?
under construction Posts: 3458
As far as i know they just clip onto the door frame, baby needs to be able to hold its own head up before it goes in one too so would be a few months before you could use it. I think they look brilliant and would probably be great for their legs. See these ones in argos
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
Sorry to put a downer on this but I've heard they're not great for boys, either type, the sit in or the door ones as they kind of squash their bits! I dunno how true it is but....
snuggler Posts: 1296
Studied nursery nursing and childcare etc, been told and heard a lot that bad for childs legs and can effect devel
pricilla Posts: 1564
I keep looking at the title of this thread, thinking you're talking about a nightclub bouncer, like a door man. I couldn't figure it out why you'd be posting that here, unless you were a female bouncer and were worried if it's safe to continue working when pregnant. (which would be a no :o0 )
cluckychick Posts: 26
I was thinking the same about their legs, that it maybe gets them on to them before their ready. Might go with the regular bouncer, fisher price seem to have some nice ones.
missc Posts: 875
I thought these were deadly and the baby would have great fun but the midwife at our anti natal class said not to get one of these as they are very bad for development of babys legs, she also said not even to get a walker?!?!?