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stayanon Posts: 476
Hey girls, Just wondering about the doppler. I asked my friend about this, she's a dr and said it can be hit & miss with it. That when she was pg she didn't get a heartbeat until 14wks. She's very thin and said her friend who carries a bit of weight didn't hear the hb on the doppler until a few wks before giving birth. She said that you might not get to hear heartbeat due to where baby is lying & due to your own weight. I have appt with Dr made on monday, I will be 12wks 3d and she'll probably wanna use doppler. Don't have scan untill 18th may and wondering should I hold off on doppler in case I don't hear a hb & get a bit anxious. What have been your experience's with doppler....would love some feedback. xx
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I bought the angelsounds fetal doppler. I found it really reassuring but didn't allow myself to freak out if I couldn't find heart beat (to be honest there was only one time i had problems finding it and DH found it quite quickly). In the last few weeks I have found it really reassuring when baby wasn't moving as much as other days just to check adn heart beat at this stage is very strong. I paid €50 for it on ebay but see amazon have it on offer at mo: ... B000XS987A I didn't bother buying gel as baby oil worked fine.
Greece Posts: 1800
I also got the angel sounds. Once you kno wwhat you are listening for its fine, there are a lot of noises going on in there!!! Find it better now that Im further on like that if Im not getting much movement. can be frustrating in early pregnancy trying to find it.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Also another Anglesounds user here found it brilliant on DD and it will be coming out again in a few weeks time please God. It was brilliant reassurance for me cos Id be a bit of a worrier at the best of times!! *)
kala Posts: 1937
i have a fetal doppler but got a more expensive one, think it cost me 180 euro, highly recommend one, they are peace of mind, i got a heart beat from around the 12 week mark
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I have the angel sounds one for this pregnancy. Because of previous history there was no way I was going to last through the pregnancy without one. I got the hb at 12wks. Once you know what you are looking for, remain calm and have patience it's good. I did have a scare last week, and spent 25mins listening to my own hb unknowingly! I was totally reassured and then I moved the doppler and heard the baby's hb :o0 So yes they can reassure you, but sometimes that can be a false reassurance!
alton Posts: 3077
Doctor couldn't find a heartbeat with doppler at 12 weeks and even though I know fine and well that they sometimes don't I couldn't help worrying myself silly. I was white as a ghost, drained of energy, sleeping constantly and sick as a dog so definitely pregnant, but all I could focus on was that heartbeat. So I know where you are coming from. I honestly think that the doctor's amount of experience with it is the key factor, so if there are a lot of pregnant mums going in and out of the surgery, then I'd go for it. Even though I knew I would drive myself crazy with worry, I still wanted her to try with the doppler at 12 weeks, just on the off chance I'd hear it.
wifin Posts: 4761
I have an Angelsounds doppler and love it. I found the little one's heartbeat from about 15 weeks I think. As long as you are aware that you may not be able to find it until about then or a bit later then get one. If you are going to panic and think that you can't find it because something bad has happened then don't get one. I would be a worrier at the best of times but I have to say I was quite calm about it. Now I adore my doppler, I love listening to her and we've recorded her heartbeat each week for her memory box :lvs Just familiarise yourself with the noises that you can have in there....your own heartbeat, the noise of the womb in general and then the babies heartbeat so that you know exactly what you are looking for (you can find them all online x) and don't get excited at the wrong thing! Good luck :lvs
mtv Posts: 935
i couldnt find heart beat myself till about week 14. it was a great way to get peace of mind before the baby kicks. just dont freak out when you cant get the heartbeat. often times it might be every second day for me as i didnt have a clue and no instructions come with it to tell you where to place it.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
The midwife I saw really didnt like them, she said (and i never thought of this) that some times in later pg a woman might not feel baby moving as much and use her doppler at home and pick up sounds that they think is a heart beat but is not ( could be placenta or her own pulse)and be falsely reassured :eek something to think about without wanting to freak anyone out! the only thing I thought about before she told me that was that one day i might not hear it and be freaked out but after she told me that i didnt really use it