downs syndrome diagnosis....when?

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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
Hi all... Havent been on here in ages.....had baby a couple of days ago and home now.....I hope peopple dont mind me asking about the procedure for diagnosing if a baby has DS. It was always something that I worried about when pregnant and I still am even after having the baby! I wasnt told she had it in the hospital so ....I think I am worrying about nothing...the only thing I am worried about is that she makes the weirdest little faces with her eyes and she is constantly sticking out her of the symptoms......I guess I have just latched on to the fact that she is sticking her tongue out and now cant get this out of my head......any halp/opinions please feel free to answer... thanks
theoracle Posts: 7664
Firstly congrats on the birth of your baby girl! I think you should definitely speak to your PHN about your concerns so that you have a medical professional reassure you. On my part I can only say that from what you describe your daughter sounds perfectly normal, they do make weird little faces and dart their tongues out, my dd3 even used to roll her eyes like a little alien, they used to flick side to side and seem to roll at the same time!
happy10 Posts: 68
First of all, congratulations on the birth of your little one. I'm sure its a life changing experiencing for you and i can imagine also a very nervous time for you. First of all Down Syndrome is normally diagnosed more or less straight after birth following examination by the Paediatrician and later confirmed via chromosonal blood tests. It would be Extremely unusual for the staff not to diagnose it striaght away. DS babies tend to have pointed features, slanted eyes, and are floppier than other babies (alhtough all babies tend to be pretty floppy). Even to a non medical person DS can be quiet recognisable after birth. So please don't worry, enjoy your little daughter and as the other poster said talk to your PHN or GP if you are still concerned.
love struck Posts: 1125
searchingforBFP I agree with Happy10 normally DS would be picked up straight away my friends kids who have DS where diagnosed very quickly.. They knew straight away just had to confirm the diagnosis.. So enjoy your little bundle I am sure there is nothing to worry about..
new year BTB Posts: 413
Like all the other posters said - it would normally be picked up straight away. (Even 23 years ago when my sis was born my mam was told straight away so they should definitely be on the ball these days!) A couple of other common features is a large gap between the big toe and the next toes and the lines in their hands (life lines etc - not sure the proper terms for them) often run straight across the centre of the hand perpendicular to the fingers.
bride. Posts: 3014
I thought the same of my dd because she made the funniest little faces and I thought her tongue seemed very large but what it was was reflux, she was arching her neck, grimacing and sticking her ongue out in a weird way but it wasn't anything to worry about.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
It is def picked up straight away,babies with downs have different lines on their feet and as posted the tounge bit,even if baby was slightly downs they would notice,i often looked at mine when newborn and thought something did not look right,its what mammies do,im sure all is ok,it would have been noticed. I think its more disbelief thats its all over and done with and how can u make something so perfect,that you actually look for things lol. Congrats to you all. And all 4 of mine done the exact same.