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willthiswork Posts: 1995
Hi Well some of you might remember I posted last year saying I went to Dr Bermingham and he said I needed to lose weight and to come back after Christmas and he would put me on clomid. Well, the other morning I got a letter no, an envelope with a prescription and a lab docket saying I needed to get day 21 bloods done. I'm in shock. I thought that I would be scanned and have that dye test where they see if my tubes are blocked before I'd be put on clomid, or at least be told all the side effects. I'm ringing his secretary tomorrow and tell her I don't feel comfortable with continuing to have him as my doctor.
mammybean Posts: 10364
good woman, are you private? either way i would strongly advise against going near starttan, he is an out and out dog, do your very best to see eddie o donnell good luck
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Thats madness!...I was diagnosed with PCOS in November. My Dr is Dr. Bartel (Mayo General) and I find him really good. So far he's changed my pill but is bringing me in for a d&c and a lap and dye to make sure all is ready to go in time for ttc and then onto clomid more than likely... You're absolutely right, no dr. should prescribe anything by post...and a new medication without talking to you about it? Crazy...And isn't it better to have the dye test than taking the clomid and not getting pg because of a blockage.... It just seems plain weird and unprofessional to get that in the post...weird! I wouldn't be impressed (That said, the same man delivered two of my nieces and a nephew safely so I'm thankful to him for that!)... I would definatly be looking for a new gynae.
willthiswork Posts: 1995
I think he is alright for getting them out but putting them in there is another story! Yeah, I'm going private. I'm disgusted by it all. I doubt he even looked at my file because I don't have a 28 day cycle yet he still put on the thing day 21 bloods. I mean, some people wouldn't realise that a shorter cycle means earlier tests. And I'm a twin so he should have really talked to me about the risks of multiple births. I'm shocked by it all O:|
bellabella Posts: 2750
PLease change doctors, he is a moron.How are you? DId you get my pm a while ago? Take care xxxxxxxxx
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
That doesn’t sound to good Willthiswork at all, I have heard great things about Dr Bermingham, however saying that some people work well with other people so maybe this just isn’t the doctor for you, last year when I was having health trouble I was referred to a specialist but we just didn’t seem to gel whatsoever I then asked to be transferred (it took a lot of courage I can tell you) and I met my doctor I have now and I swear she is just brilliant and I was soooo much happier dealing with her. All I can say is if you don’t trust him (and that was one of the biggest issues with me) then go to another doctor and the end of the day you have to look out for what’s best for you. Good luck. :thnk