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NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
This is the most ridiculous question ever posted in WOL Mums and Kids! ;o( I've started using Dr. Brown bottles and all was going well until I made up the formula, then proceeded to shake it all over the kitchen walls, ceiling and myself. So I bought a few travel caps and now I shake up the formula in the bottles, cool and pop in the fridge. However when out and about what do you girls do? Bring milk/water in the bottle and the bits separate? Or do you make up the whole bottle and pop into a thermal bag? Am I even making sense?! :o0 I went to my mum's today and I brought my milk in the bottle with the travel cap and the bits(teat etc) in a little plastic bag. Added the gaviscon, gave a good shake and then put the bottle together. Is there an easier way to get out and about with these flipping bottles? Without spillages that is!
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
They are the worst bottles for leaking :o( Best for colic :o0 We make up formula in advance. We do the following to stop leaks: Put water into bottle, add formula. Add all the bits to the inside, put teat on. Don't put the lid on. Turn the bottle upside down (at the sink) and leave it for about 10 seconds, you'll lose a small bit of milk. When the milk stops squirting out of the teat give it a good ten second or more shake. WALLA - No spillages! Not too sure what you'll do when you add the gaviscon and you're out and about. Maybe bring a little lunch box with you and add teh gaviscon and then do as I saw, turn bottle upside down, wait a few seconds, and then shake!!! Enjoy!
ali08 Posts: 121
Dr Browns bottles are the worst for leaking but they are very good. My phn told me that they leak if you make the bottles with hot water so i now just put the boiling water in and then add the formula when the water has cooled down and they seem to be ok now. When im going out i fill the bottle with water and add all the bits and i bring the formula seperate theres no easy way with these bottles as you still have to take it all apart to add the formula!
Ducky Posts: 2506
I made them up with hot water (needed to with specialist formula anyway or went lumpy) and used a sterilised plastic baby feeding spoon to STIR the contents to avoid having to shake them. Kept in fridge and swirled before use. Going out, I hated the travel tops as it kept the teats separate so I used the discs that came with the bottles as a brrier and stuck them in a thermal bag, making sure to keep upright (Hang mine off back of driver seat!) If I didn't have a disc, I just made sure the thermal bag was upright at all times, or they leaked.
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Gaviscon does create an extra problem with those damn bottles. We make up bottles in advance and keep them in the fridge. Then put in the thermal bag and hang off the back of the seat, as Ducky said! There is no easy way to add gaviscon after that when you're out and about I'm afraid except to have a paper towel or something to put your bottle top and middle bit on while you shake in the gaviscon. It's all a bit messy.
aisleen Posts: 286
I make up 5 or 6 bottles at a time with cooled boiled water (only cooled for about 20mins though), give contents a good stir and then stick them into the fridge. If we're out and about I either heat up a bottle and bring in a thermos bottle holder or else bring one straight from the fridge, again in the thermos thingy and get it heated up wherever we are. To stop them leaking just open the bottle top a tiny bit when heating up and then close tightly when ready to feed. Hope that makes sense!
shauner Posts: 18
you could buy the ready made formula in cartons and use that when you are going out so the bottle will be empty i also found with dr brown bottles not to tighten lid to much as this caused leaking when i used them hope this helps