dr brown bottles

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happy angel Posts: 928
where cheapest place to buy them thanks :thnk
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I bought 3 in Smyths last week, they were €19.99, haven't seen them cheaper than that.
2009weddingday Posts: 80
Hi Girls I am planning on also getting the Dr Brown Bottles and want to get a steam steriliser rather than a microwave one. Can you tell me if the Dr Brown bottles fit into the Tommee Tippeee Electronic Steam Steriliser? As far as i can find out Dr Brown only to microwave sterilisers. Thanks girls
draiocht Posts: 483
Hi yeah the dr browns bottles do fit in the TT steriliser, used it on my last dd, its great. it fits most bottles too so even if you have to change bottles down the rd you wont have to change steriliser.