Dr Browns bottles - with blue insert

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mlr3 Posts: 84
Hi all, Was looking at the new Dr Browns bottles and see that the straw/tube insert are now blue. Anyone know if this is just a cosmetic change or is there anything else new with these bottles? Thanks for any help, will post this in Mums and Kids too. :wv
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Don't think there is a difference. We have both and they both work the same
mlr3 Posts: 84
Thanks SparkleX, its looking like they are the same with just a colour change alright. Good to hear from someone that has used the new ones though. Thanks!
wizard of oz Posts: 18
i used both the old ones and the new ones on my little man and I have to say that I found the old ones better. thought it was strange that they would go from a neutral colour to a blue one, not that it matters but still strange. also the mls/oz used to be moulded into the bottle now are painted on (iykwim) but they rubbed off making them useless when it came to measurements...did anyone else find this?
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Yes we did find that with the measurements. Although they didn't come off completely so we could still read them. Saying that the ones with the measurements moulded on were very hard to read too