Dr Cathy Burke Consultant CUMH - Anyone have her & opinions

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SweetBabyT Posts: 103
Hi girls, Anybody have Dr Cathy Burke in CUMH? Im under her & have met her a few times, I wasnt impressed, very abrupt manner & extremely dismissive of my queries & complications. Just wondering was it just me or is this her usual manner?
seabride11 Posts: 231
I have her too, we went public so ive only met her once, she was lovely the day we met her. It was for our 20 wk scan, she went through our file, spoke to me bout leg cramps , stretching pains etc and we had scan where she spent bout 5 mins going over eveything - no complaints but must admit couldnt get over how busy the staff were that day , waiting room was packed so maybe you got her on another hectic day -thats no excuse though - hope you have a better experience with her next time