Dr. Flannely Holles Street- Any Feedback ??

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StylishB Posts: 143
Hi there, I will be seeing Dr. Flannely (female consultant) in Holles Street soon - is anyone attending her or heard of her ??
BONSER Posts: 82
she is very nice, you dont get to spend much time with her though as she is one very busy lady, i have never seen someone move soo quick but she must know what she is doing all the same. Dont get put off by how quick everything is handled, its not like going to your gp, she hardly looks at your face if you know what i mean, i found it quite upsetting the first time as I expected "more" but after the 2nd visit I just realised thats the way it is, thats why I like the combined care as when i go to my gp/nurse they make the whole experience very special and spend time with you.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
and you are paying for that? :eek