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Abimum2011 Posts: 338
Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good doc male or female in the firhouse/tallaght area. The current one I am with I think is useless. Fine when you see her but trying to contact her just to ask a simple question is impossible! Maybe that is the way docs are? Does anyone else have this problem if they ring their doc to ask a question and you are told they are in surgery, you ring back in about an hour and they are still in surgery and then they call you at like 6pm when your on the bus and it's bloody awkward to ask the question! I am also with combined care with her but really want to change. Would like a youngish (like 40s) doc so I can bring my child to them over the years. Would love to name and shame but prob shouldn't! Mad dad doesn't like her either. hmmmmmm
Abimum2011 Posts: 338
babybambino Posts: 940
I had the same problem with my doctor so I go to the old court medical centre, it's in the same complex as Scholars pub, I've been very happy so far with the care I'm getting.
Abimum2011 Posts: 338
Thanks babybambino. I have went to the male dr there before as live very near the centre but didn't find him too good. He had to look up a book to see how to answer what I asked him. DH doesn't find him any good either. The dentist isn't very good either I found. :( Myabe myself and DH are just picky. I know there is a woman dr there too so I might try her.