Dr McParland - 1st visit scan?

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Toots12 Posts: 894
just wondering - my first appointment with Peter McParland is in a few weeks time and my letter said to bring a urine sample. does that mean that I will/won't get a scan, as I thought you had to have a full bladder for the scan....
under construction Posts: 3458
Hiya, are you going private? I am semi private with Dr McParland and my first appointment was 14 weeks. Just had to do a urine sample when i attended the clinic, he didn't scan me, just felt my stomach and checked for heartbeat. If you are private maybe one of the others girls could help better, but if not there is no harm in ringing the clinic and just double check with them. Best of luck, wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnacny.
jarashow Posts: 3083
Hi Toots, I am private with him and had to bring a urine sample. I thought I wouldn't get a scan as there was no mention of a full bladder, I was 12+3, but he did give me a mini scan and there were no issues, could see babs straight away.
Toots12 Posts: 894
thanks girls - I'm private as well Jarashow, so sounds like I'll get a mini-scan... can't wait!!!!