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bride. Posts: 3014
Has anyone read this? He is a consultant at Holles St. I bought it yesterday and I'm so put off birth now although maybe it was good to have a dose of reality at the same time. I was hoping to use hypnobirthing as a means of pain relief as I can't have the epidural and have a very weak stomach meaning gas and air is probably out and same for pethidine. He dismisses it with one sentence on the topic and the way it is made out in the book, you are on a conveyor belt in the hospital and you do what you're told to get in and get out ready for the next person. Induction, oxytocin, artificial rupture of membranes, pain relief, instrumental births and sytometrine (?) to speed up the afterbirth seem to be things that can't be questioned. There seems to be no leeway for just taking time to let things happen by themselves. He seems very dismissive of active birthing and birth plans. The impression I got is that as the mother to be you have no control, you just do what you're told. I'm a first time mother to be so I have no idea, is this what it is like in hospital? Maybe I am taking up the tone of the book the wrong way or maybe hospitals are so stuffed this is what is necessary.
mariac Posts: 982
thats exactly why i went with the domino scheme this time. i have no time for consultants. on my first my consultant booked me for induction on day 12 and couldnt be bothered to explain what was involved. in fact i was snapped at when i asked. high rates of c sections and inductions are to suit them. dont let that book put you off. maybe you should read - a better birth - by tracy donegan
bride. Posts: 3014
Thanks a mil Mariac, I have it Tracy's book ordered but I was wondering when I ordered it how practical it is going to be when it is the consultants who make the decisions at the end of the day. I have all my nice ideas about staying mobile and relaxed but I get the impression it doesn't really matter because the intervention isn't really your decision iykwim. Bit disillusioned really. Wish they had the Domino scheme in the Coombe. Is that where you get discharged early and visited by a midwife?
mariac Posts: 982
well you could write a birth plan - you are vunerable in the hospital - but they cannot do anything to you without your say so - so just make sure you and your birth partner know what you want. like some of those consultants will induce you on day 7 or 10 even though you could be fine until day 14. you just need to ensure that they inform you on all decisions
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I have this book too bride. this is 1 thing I am quite apprehensive about attending Holles st. I think they are for inducing/sections and not really all in favour of letting a labour progress itself. That's just the vibe I am getting. I really really don't want to be induced am going to have to be pretty adament about this later on in my pg. I am thinking that when I do please god go into labour, that I can hold out for as long as possible without going in too early, bit scary as this is my first baby. But I reckon if you go in too early, then they might think about inducing. I don't know, I could be totally wrong. But I got that vibe from the book also.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
PUT IT AWAY !!!! I'm in exactly the same boat as u have a condition that won't let me have epidural etc, read this book it scared the crap out of me, I rang me hypnotherapist who told me to hide it :o0 :o0 I am sitting here at the computer writing my birth plan as we speak and am showing it to my consultant next week, plus have my first antenatal class anyway and am bringin it to that too. I believe in being realistic but also feel that i should have the right to decide (provided no risk to babs) as to what drugs they give me, if they give me an epis, if they induce me etc. In the end of all I pay his fees and will not be talked down to .... my consultant has tried that once and won't again I don't think ....calling them by their first name usually works :o0 :o0 :o0 I'm in HS too and I think ur best bet is talk to the girls giving the antenatal in there, remember ur consultant prob won't be there for an awful lot of your birth ...if any of it
OAT Posts: 2207
[quote="wedjul05":2yo3umdz]I have this book too bride. this is 1 thing I am quite apprehensive about attending Holles st. I think they are for inducing/sections and not really all in favour of letting a labour progress itself. That's just the vibe I am getting. [/quote:2yo3umdz] I have this book also - I thought it was quite helpful. I have also recently had a baby in Holles Street and believe me they're not all about inducing/section. I was in slow labour for 2 weeks plus my Dad was dying and they still wouldn't consider inducing me. When I eventually went into full labour I knew there was something wrong and begged for a section but was practically laughed at... In the end I gave birth normally to a baby who was born face presentation...
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
oh that is good to know OAT, thanks. I don't really want an epi or to be induced. That's my plan at the moment anyway, will prob be screaming from an epi though! First time mother la-la land! I would LOVE to give birth naturally so good to know HS aren't so ready to induce/section. Thanks again for the feedback OAT! :wv
TracyD Posts: 750
Bride, Lots of hypnobirthing mums have really great experiences in H.Street. But the more you understand how birth is managed there the better. Although active management of labour is the norm in there it's so important to understand that YOU will decide if that's what you want. A birth preference sheet or birth plan is a great idea and 99% of the midwives are great and will do their best to help you have the kind of birth you want. Unfortunately you don't really get the impression from H.Street classes that all of their routine procedures are optional - but they are ! But it's a bit daunting especially on your first baby to have the confidence to ask why something is being offered to you. If you have a birth partner have a good talk with them about what you want because your job is to be in labour - and your partners job is everything else....(including going through the birth plan with your midwife)and keeping a calm/relaxed 'buffer zone' between you and the hospital policies. Two key questions for your partner to ask that will help you determine if what is being proposed to you is just a routine procedure that everyone gets to keep you moving along the conveyor OR if it's medically necessary is: Is my partner ok? Is our baby ok ? The answer is nearly always YES 80 - 90% of mums will have normal labours !! So statistics are definitely on your side :-) So as long as you're ok...and your baby is ok the next question for your partner to ask (as you'll be blissed out with your CD) is; "Can we wait a while ?" Buy yourselves time........ Get your birth partner clued in so you don't have to worry about it and can just focus on your labour. I'm sure you'll have a great experience :-) Tracy