dr sam coulter smith - rotunda

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MrsNiF Posts: 59
has anyone gone to this doctor? he is the master in the rotunda. it's just everyone seems to be going to ronan gleeson but just wanted some info on this man please. thanks... it's absolutely head wrecking trying to decide
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi MrsNif - sorry I'm not going to Sam Coulter-Smith but I going to the rotunda under prof malone. I know when I was deciding on a consulatant I did a seach for most of the rotunda cons on here. As far as i remember Sam got good reviews. Try doing a search and see what comes up. Hope this helps.
july7812 Posts: 1787
I went to this Dr on 2 of my DS's & must say he's absolutly brilliant - couldn't fault him. He's very very approachable, talks you through everything & you can also have a good chat & a bit of a laugh with him - wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. On my 3rd DS I went to a different doctor, but that was purely for personnel reasons.
MrsNiF Posts: 59
thanks girls... the website is all gobbledy gook to me. do you mind me asking who you went to on your 3rd and who you'd prefer?
july7812 Posts: 1787
I went with Dr Geary on my 3rd & it was purley because while pregnant on my 2nd DS I had a lot of complications (I was only going semi-private under Dr Coulter Smith at the time - you could do that then) & it was Christmas time so Smith was not available, so Dr Geary took over my care. Then I had a m/c in 2007 & Geary dealt with this so I decided to go private then to him in 2008 for my 3rd DS. Must say though I preferred Dr Coulter Smity - just purely for ease to talk to & his general manner - he's a lovely man. (Also my SIL studyed medcine with him so he knew my DH :-8 )
MrsNiF Posts: 59
that;s great to know. thanks a million for taking the time out to reply
RJR Posts: 962
I've been to him every year for the last 9 years for ovarian cancer screening and he's excellent - very calm, professional manner and very thorough