Drafting a CV - Feeling inadequate

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GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
After a year or two of putting it on the long finger I am finally getting round to doing up my CV. I feel so inadequate now though - especially the achievements section :o( I need a new job. Currently I'm miserable... But I fear I'm not exactly going to have prospective employers chomping at the bit to interview me. Anyone have a good template they recommend? :thnk
Milly83 Posts: 3620
My CV is alright but if I was you, I would register with a few recruitment agencies and get them to do a cv for you.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I don't have any templates but do include a 'Key Skills' section listing your computer skills say, management skills, things that employers would need to know in your field say. Like 'Good knowledge of Adobe Pagemaker, touch typing 100wpm' or things like 'Management experience dealing with 20 staff, drawing up rosters, basic accounting' whatever your field is. If you get me. Really have a long hard think about your job now and what you do, you'd be surprised at how much you actually do that new employers will be impressed by. Sometimes you do things on a daily basis and don't think anything of it, but it could be something very impressive like. I'm trying to think of an example - like maybe if you're always the one who trains new recruits or takes them under your wing, you might not put that on your CV but you totally should. 'Regularly responsible for training new recruits and getting them up to speed on x, y, z' should appear on your CV. Even if it's something you do every week and could do with your eyes closed, it's a very definite skill that should go on your CV. Don't lie, obviously, but think long and hard about what you do on a daily basis and make sure you don't leave anything important out. Achievements then - it's tricky. Again think long and hard of what you might have achieved in the company, maybe an increase in turnover? Even a new filing system that made things more efficient? Also though, don't forget any extra curricular achievements - perhaps you're an adult literacy tutor? Or you volunteer at a homeless shelter? Or you've won an award for something? Even if it's not strictly related to your field, it could show altruism, leadership, get up and go, you know? BEst of luck with it!