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May09Bride Posts: 1050
Hi there, has anyone every heard or used Dreamcatcher productions from Lahinch, Co Clare. any info would be great, thanks :thnk O-O
rop Posts: 1453
We booked them for ours - they got great reviews from the hotel and the work looks great! going to see him now in a few weeks to work out some of the details!
May09Bride Posts: 1050
Hi flutterby Bride, thans for the reply I got a sample DVD at tthe weekend and it looked great, I know they only show the best bits - I was curious to see if anyone else was thinking of using them or used them in the past. They seem reasonable, have you decided on which package you are going for ?
rop Posts: 1453
May09Bride Posts: 1050
Yeah that's what we were thinking of too, I have spoke to him on the phone and he seems so nice - I hope everythingworks out for us - will be looking forward to hearing how you get on :)
summer09 Posts: 807
Hi I really really had my heart set on Dreamcatcher but he is too expensive! 1900 Euro all together! E 16000 for the platiunm pakage plus another E 300 to travel to Mayo! :o(
May09Bride Posts: 1050
his sample DVD did it for me, his work looked great, i know he is expensive but they way I look at it is that after a few years all you will have are photos and the memories of the day - and what better way to remember the big day but by a great DVD of the occassion ( he should give me discount for praising him - do you think that would work lol)
Little Miss Naughty Posts: 1046
i was thinking of these guys as well. Great to hear the good feedback