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Louthdudes Posts: 67
I would like to add some bling to the middle of my dress. Not a belt given the type of material but something that could be sewn on to dress. Approx 4 inches long maybe. Any suggestions of good places to source something like this or indeed somewhere online to get some ideas. Thank you!
PinkBride2014 Posts: 81
Etsy have the sparkly detailed part of bridal belts on their own that can be sewn directly onto fabric.
Louthdudes Posts: 67
Thanks for that - I'll,take a look!
nosie Posts: 449
Rubanesque Ribbon Shop in Powerscourt Centre sells embellishments.
rosie2014 Posts: 39
Hi, There is a lady called Sarah Deering Textile Artist on Facebook who does this type of things - she is amazing and actually really good value for money. Based just outside Monaghan. :)
Louthdudes Posts: 67
Thank you all for the suggestions - I'll check them out and see what I can find that I like and that will work!
Starrgrrl Posts: 51
Is there anyone similar to Sarah Deering closer to the South East of ireland. I'm struggling to find a head piece at the moment!
Louthdudes Posts: 67
Just returning to this - I have been trying to find some inspiration for this online - but all the ones on etsy that I can find that might be long enough for what I have in mind - probably 5-6 inches - they are already on a sash or a belt - I'm looking or a piece that can be sewn directly onto my dress. Any ideas?
lorrimar Posts: 837
Could you cut the piece you want off the sash/belt and then stitch it to the dress?
sparklebee Posts: 40
@starrgrrl I 100% recommend Bonzie in Willow and Wild in Waterford for both bridal and mother of the bride accessories. She has stunning pieces, is terrific at giving advice on what will work or not and her prices are not extortionate.