Dress alterations dilemma....1 week to go!

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hulkess Posts: 61
Hello everyone, So I'm getting married in limerick next Saturday and had gone to collect my dress which I bought in Dublin 3 weeks ago. The dress had to be taken in at the waste and the cup size was also too big. When I tried it on 3 weeks ago one of the cups looked like it had a small dent in it,it was slightly puckered. I ended up leaving the dress there for them to fix and collected it saturday just gone. The dress still is not right and now I'm panicking. They did improve it but it is still slightly visible, it just wasn't taken in properly first day. My family and bridesmaid think most won't notice, that they can only see it because I pointed it out. The material is ruched across the bust so it helps disguise the fault. I had to take it home from Dublin as I don't have time to go back up there again and they obviously didn't do a great job of fixing it first time round. I don't know now whether to get someone else to look at it? I'm worried of someone goes at it that it might make it worse again at this stage. I don't know whether to take the risk with trying to fix it or do I just hope nobody notices? It is a bit disheartening because obviously I want my dress to be perfect and even if it's only something small and nobody notices, I can see it every time I look in the mirror! :( Anyone else been in a similar situation or know anyone in limerick who is fantastic with alterations?x
Mcaye15 Posts: 67
There's a lady called Inga up near the train station she's worth a try she did my alterations and I was very happy with her her number is (087) 066 9143
hulkess Posts: 61
Thanks for the tip!
Smallensmall Posts: 139
This guy is supposed to be fantastic in Ennis. Two of my friends had their dresses altered their and said they were like a glove afterwards. Ive also seen him recommended on here. Apparently he's not cheap though :-( http://www.dressalterationscountyclare.com/ If it was me Id probably try and get it fixed. It sounds like its so small no body else will notice but if its in your photos it will drive you mad forever. It may only be 100 euro to get it fixed but if it wrecks your photos it will cost you a lot more ! I would go to the original shop/dress makers and look for the cost of the additional alterations though. You shouldn't be paying for this.
Clare79 Posts: 12
I can vouch for André in Ennis. He did an amazing job with my dress