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Sassy Sparkles Posts: 62
Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows a good dressmaker or alterations place in Dublin, ideally around city centre. I am thinking of buying a sample dress which is 2 sizes to big for me. It is lacy and I don't know anything about alterations so want to make sure it is possible to alter it a few sizes before I buy it. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!! :wv
Sassy Sparkles Posts: 62
emma1980 Posts: 2219
ALK Alterations in drimnagh. Girls name is annette, her number is 01 4559255! shes really good....think she closes on a monday, but you could try her 2m. HTH O-O
marriedLife Posts: 1881
My dress is lace and I have been told that sometimes lace can be a pain to alter - so make sure you defo know it can be altered fine before you buy it
Sassy Sparkles Posts: 62
Thanks girls. The whole lace thing is my main worry. It is a la sposa dress 'sarah'. If anyone has experience of altering it successfully I would be grateful for your help!!
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
there is a place of graton street - alterations centre you could try there..