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I love cosmos Posts: 221
Wollies, I am really getting stuck in with the posts this evening!! Sorry! I have been thinking about doing this one for a while but you know yourselves - feels wierd putting it out there what dress your wearing - but as subject says i think i am having a dilema - not sure if it just nerves cause I bought my dress and thats that I am wearing that or what?? Dont know why i am still feeling bit unsure? Anyway... I bought at half price (bought sample dress from the shop, have to be spot cleaned and altered but in perfect condition thank God) - ok so here it is - Now i am not sure as i said if I am just panicking or what but i am a total magpie and this dress has no 'sparkles' on it plus not sure if with the bow detail it looks like a very expensive 'coast' or 'Karen Millen' dress - so what i was thinking and just looking for opinions was - taking the bow off and putting the sparkle like on this ' Justin Alexander' dress on my dress under the bust . Opinions please and major thanks Girls x
I love cosmos Posts: 221
sorry posted pic a*se ways - the first pic is the crystal 'sparkle' I am thinking of putting on my dress - the second pic is my dress as I have bought it - complete with bow!
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Ha ha and I'm replying to all of your posts... I would def be up for that as I am also a total magpie. Not sure where you are based but there is a gorgeous shop in the powerscourt town centre in Dublin called A. Rubenesque that sells ribbons and appliqués etc (http://www.arubanesque.ie/). The last time I was in there they had THE most amazing bridal appliqués for sale. Think they started at about 30 euro or so. Why don't you buy something like that and bring it with you when you are getting a fitting done and hold it up to the dress. I think it would even be nice to keep the bow and add the appliqué to the flat part in between the top and bottom of the bow iykwim? Also this website has some lovely trims and appliqués too www.mjtrim.com like this [attachment=1:3eqp2reu]nice appliqué.jpg[/attachment:3eqp2reu] or I found this one on http://www.etsy.com/listing/40384585/ho ... ed-vintage [attachment=0:3eqp2reu]beautiful belt.jpg[/attachment:3eqp2reu]
Xmas2011 Posts: 47
Hi, I love the Pronovias one and would stuck with it as is :lvs It's gorgeous! I think if you take the bow off it may take from the dress. You could add sparkle with some nice jewellery or with a head piece. I really want a Pronovias dress too....but no luck yet!
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
I am a total magpie and was surprised when I picked my dress that doesn't have one bit of bling on it. But as they say in the shops, you can always add the bling on. Your dress is fab, a great shape. I'd say it would be really easy to add bling onto it, chat to where you are buying the dress from, they may have some suggestions.
I love the "medea" dress just the way it is actully. I think the bow is geourgous. Could you keep the bow and add the sparkle to it. like crystals around the edge of the bow ?? Or a sparkly broach at the centre of the bow ?? Georgeous dress :)
JustBecause Posts: 3242
I think the drss is stunning. How about adding the bling with your accessories rather than changing the dress? Sparlky shoes etc?
mrsw2 Posts: 289
I absolutely :lvs your dress. I seen it on their website and it was on my 'try it on' list but I found my dress first. I'm agreeing with Just Because, the dress is too stunning to mess with it, I would bling it up with a headpiece or fab earrings. The plainness (dont mean that in a bad way) of the dress is what gives it the 'wow factor' I think because it makes the structure of the dress stand out more. Its so beautiful! Wear well O-O
havemovedon Posts: 2013
The dress you've bought is gorgeous. If you think it's plain you should've seen mine! :o0 Don't forget you'll be wearing something on your head, jewellery, carrying a bouquet and have your face and hair done! If you really want to add something, have a look here http://www.broochesstore.com/
I love cosmos Posts: 221
Ah thanks a million girls - you all have helped big time!! I think you all have fab points and ideas - I will leave bow on the dress!!!!! In think I will have a look at these 'belts' in Powerscourt 'Teaching bride' recommended and maybe also have a chat with the girls in the shop and maybe add a bit of bling on the middle part of the dress - a lolttle bit I promise ha ha - Personally I dont want mad chandelier earrings I really do want the dress to do all the talking - I think this is why I had myself so freaked out - this is not normally my style but I did fall in love with the dress the min I tried it on - I have to stop thinking about it now! Honestly girls thank you all so much!! Where would we all be without WOL Eh??? :heartbeat: :heartbeat: xx