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Joeannc Posts: 6
Hey Guys Just looking for a bit of help I purchased my dress off the rack which i love the only problem is i need to get it taken in and i havent a clue where to go or who to use i am living in wexford town i have no issues travelling once the person is highly recommended. Any brides have any recommendations also need get alterations to the bridesmaids as we are all going to be 4 stone lighter by the wedding :o0
BusyBee29 Posts: 368
The shop I bought my dress off gave me a list with dressmakers who they work with. Would you contact your shop and ask? I could send you names on the list but they are all Dublin based. Not sure if that helps
LainaJ Posts: 3
I'm after the same JoanneC - I bought my dress off the rack from Smart Brides in Laois (what a super shop and a lovely girl who owns it with her sister) but i'm keeping it at my parents' house in Waterford so I'm looking for someone in the South East. She did say in the shop that she heard good things about All Alterations from other brides but that she couldn't endorse it herself. Might be worth asking around in Wexford anyway?