Dress Fitting - Not sure if i'm happy

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december bride 09 Posts: 106
Hi, Had my 1st and by the sounds only dress fitting today and not at all sure if i am happy? just didn't seem the same as the 1st time i tried it on!! Anyone else feel like this? DB
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
aw decemberbride 09 you should be all excited, was it the dress your not sure of??
december bride 09 Posts: 106
I'm not sure - it just didn't feel the same train felt much bigger, and skirt very full. Also when i tried it on in the shop the size was smaller - too tight across the chest so i ordered it a bigger size but now just feels too big. i have lost a good bit of weight since then too but she didn't seem too keen on taking it in as it is a corset top you can pull it tight but i think that it now looses the lace up effect on the back - she is taking it in an inch on each side which should help but have next fitting on the 26th and getting married 10 days later her last day in the shop is the 26th until after my wedding so if i am still not happy when i go back there is no time to fix it. [/list]
december bride 09 Posts: 106
BUMP - Sorry really need some reassurance!! Has anyone been disappointed on their 1st fitting and then been happy when they went back after alterations?
Jagger Posts: 139
Okay, don't panic! An inch each side is quite a lot so it might feel more like the right size at the next fitting. Is there any way you could see her again before the 26th? Maybe ring her and tell her you are a bit worried about the dress and tell her about your concerns about the corset back. I imagine (although I haven't picked my dress yet) that a lot of brides have doubts about their dresses at various stages. Could your mam or a BM come to your next fitting? A second opinion may help reassure you. Anyway, I have no doubt that your dress is GORGEOUS and you will look fab on your big day. Jagger
little squishy Posts: 559
my sister was the exactly the same. But when she went back the second time she was delighted. Ive tried on my dress 6 times before i decided on it each time I tried it on I got different feelings. one day not sure at all, one day its perfect. But got there in the end. I ddef go and talk to her about it, def go try it on again and i bet that feeling will change. :heartbeat:
december bride 09 Posts: 106
Thanks Girls, Hopefully it will be ok - just feel really anxious as so short on time!
dewdee Posts: 444
don't worry december bride - I was the same! tried on the actual dress and thought it wasn't as nice as the sample - wierd! but once its fitted properly it will be perfect. I had an issue with the bridal shop as the girl disagreed with me about what aletrations were required - I went with my gut instinct and ended taking the dress from the shop - she tried to convince me it didn't need to be taken up even tho I was tripping over the hem! I found another dress maker who did the alterations I wanted and it was perfect on the day! as well as taking it up she took it in and once she did it looked like the way it should have - so just be sure it fits properly and it'll be fab :) Good luck!
elle79 Posts: 212
Hi, I agree with dewdee, go with your gut instinct! If you can, go again before 26th and see how it feels then. If the shop won't do what you want, bring it somewhere else - there's plenty of dress makers these days who will jump at the chance for extra work!! GOOD LUCK! (i'm getting nervous now, I bought my dress on Saturday after just 10minutes in it...it just felt like the one straight away - I hope i haven't made too hasty a decision!!!)
sa08 Posts: 83
i could have actually written this post this week. tired my dress on tues and it felt so different to the sample- same issues train felt very big and the dress itself felt bigger all round. Also my dress was too big on me in some areas and fitted perfectly in others so i felt that i couldnt get a very good impression of what it would actually look like on the day. also the dress was delivered flat packed and it was very wrinkled. to be honest i was really disappointed... everyone else is telling me i am mad it will be beautiful on the day etc but i am really worried and think i might have made a mistake. i am hoping to get hair trial done soon and go back and try it again in the hope i will fall in love my dress like the first time round. so maybe you could try this....