Dress fittings on a Saturday

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laceylegs Posts: 307
Hi girls, just wondering if the shop you bought your dress in does fittings on a Saturday. The shop where I'm thinking of getting my dress only does them mid-week. Just wondering if this is the norm?
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Mine only does the middle of the week too. Mondays to Thursdays.
new year BTB Posts: 413
No, Mine opened on Sat. First time I went to the shop was a Sat and saw my dress, then went back the following Thursday and decided for defrinite on my dress and on my bridesmaids dresses. That was Fairytale brides in Delvin. Other bridal shops (McElhennys, The White Room) opened on Saturdays too
shoegals Posts: 1640
As far as I know most shops only do their fittings on weekdays as Saturday's are so busy and they can dedicate more time during the week. The shop were I got mine were specific about fittings mid week.
laceylegs Posts: 307
Thanks girls.
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
i was in 2 bridal shops last week one you just needed to make an appointment and the other shop you just walk inno appontment needed....
dewdee Posts: 444
same for me - will only do the fitting of your actual dress midweek which is a pain, I live a 3 hour drive from the bridal shop and will have to take a day off work! i paid my deposit the first day i tried on the dress so had only had it on once. I rang there recently to see if i could try on the sample again some saturday with a friend to get an idea of accessories and stuff and was told it would have to be mid-week too, quite disapointing :(
laceylegs Posts: 307
I suppose it does make sense, if they done fittings on Saturdays there would be no appointments left for people who are looking for a dress. I'll just have to organise it with work.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
The shop where I got mine only did dress FITTINGS (to try on and alter the dress I had bought, not shop for one) on Fridays as this is the day that the seamstress is in the shop. It was a pain but work was good as long as I made the appointment for early, late or lunch which meant I wasn't missing too much time out. TBH I would have hated a Saturday appointment anyway as you want to be happy with the alterations they are doing. They also closed the door to the shop so nobody else was there except me. Best of luck with it, you must be so excited.