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galwaybride16 Posts: 174
Hi guys. I've collected my dress - I ordered it 4 sizes smaller than I was in January and thank goodNess I've actually lost enough weight that it closes and is really comfortable. I have an appointment in 4 weeks for alterations but I'm the first of my friends / family to get married so I'm not sure what to expect. Do I bring someone with me? Do I bring the veil? Do I leave the dress with the seamstress for the duration of the alterations? Is there generally many fittings? I still have about a stone I want to lose but the dress is stretchy so I think I might be ok in that regard.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I'm sure everyone is different but for me, I had two fittings. I brought mum to the first one and did the second one alone. At the first one I had shoes, underwear and veil - she pinned the dress and explained what she would be doing to it. At the next fitting I brought shoes and underwear but nothing else. I took the dress home that day.
lorrimar Posts: 837
I had 2 fittings for mine. On the 1st one I brought the shoes and cups to be sewn into the dress with me. The seamstress was also altering the BM dresses so we all went in together. On the 2nd one she made a small final alteration and then I brought it home with me.
Jenron Posts: 259
Well done on your weight loss! Number of fittings will depend on the amount of alterations required. If you're planning on losing more weight make sure you let seamstress know and she'll be able to give you an idea on number of fittings required. It's really important that you bring your shoes and underwear to all fittings. I didn't have veil so not sure on protocol but if in doubt just bring it.
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
Wow!! :eek Oh my god when I read the first sentence that you ordered the dress in 4 sizes smaller, I thought you were going to say that now it's too small! That is amazing, well done :o)ll After that amazing achievement, don't be stressing about small things like that :action31 In my case, the shop I bought the dress from also did all the alterations, so it just stayed with them the whole time. I'm sure the seamstress would hold onto it for you too though, save you lugging it back and forth. My first fitting was 4 weeks before the wedding - I brought my 2 bridesmaids as they hadn't seen it yet, and wanted their honest opinions on anything that needed to be done to it. Definitely bring your shoes & underwear to this to get an idea of what you need to take in or up - the length is very important. My 2nd (final) fitting was 2 weeks before the wedding, so I brought my mum to that as I figured, they would have made the changes so it would be ready to try on one last time and then take home. I brought my shoes, underwear and veil for this. I only had 2 fittings as they pretty much got it spot on when they made it so there was only very small adjustments, but they might include a few more if you lose weight in between.
galwaybride16 Posts: 174
That's great guys thanks. Will try to get underwear shopping done in the next two weeks. Have just 8 weeks to go now and it's flying by!