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Sarah1988 Posts: 67
Hi all, We are having drinks and some food the day after our wedding in a local pub. I want to buy a nice dress for the day - thinking something knee length and possibly slightly dressier than what a person would wear on a Saturday night on the town. I also want to be white/offwhite/nude. Does anyone have any ideas of places I could look? I don't want to go to the normal river island/top shop as I want something no one else might wear on the day. Any ideas would be appreciated :)
PMcBP Posts: 42
I would suggest some of the online options like Asos, littlewoods etc. Caris closet might be another option, Ollie and mac has cute dresses. Or depending on where you are; little boutique shops in ranelagh, gorey and that are always worth a look!
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
There is a website for a shop that I think is based in Limerick, it is www.ladyvb.com or they are on facebook under Virgo boutique. They have loads of lovely dresses and do delivery nationwide. There is a lovely cream/white one at the minute that I have my eye on :compress