Dress for Hen and the day after wedding!!

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dolldooks Posts: 27
Hi Ladies, Anyone have any good websites for dresses PLEASE?!! Im looking for a dress for my hen and also for he day after my wedding but I have not seen anything on the usual websites!! In desperate need of some inspiration here ladies!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!! :)
Tempranillo Posts: 36
Have you tried having a look through the shops/boutiques on facebook. Theres a few good ones like ollie and mac, shine, guna nua, virgo, divine or follow the style fairy or lisas lust list. Theres so little online at the min - a whole load of sale stuff but nothing great. facebook can be a good place to find something different! Good luck
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hello, they have some nice stuff on Wallis at the moment :) what about this? http://www.wallis.co.uk/en/wluk/product ... i=20&ps=20
klarinet21 Posts: 21
If you are looking for white - online is probably your best bet! It broke my heart trying to find white dresses! But online is probably the best selection - I got dresses from ASOS, Boohoo and Misguided! In the end I didnt even end up wearing a dress the day after - I wore white jeans and a nice top from Oasis as all the guests were very casual :-)
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
kokorose boutique, vestry.co.uk and iclothing never let me down also littlewoods
kikib Posts: 76
i got my dress for my hen on Asos, i just think you can't beat the selection they have!
luckystars16 Posts: 24
donedeal.ie/womenclothes-for-sale/white-chi-chi-london-dress/12955280 There's stuff to be found on donedeal and some facebook forums. People rarely re wear a white hen dress!
watsonlayla Posts: 34
Try chi chi London clothing. They have some real pretty dresses but depends on your style. Got two lovely dresses from it for the day before & after my wedding.
tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
I also had this problem. Took me ages to find a dress I liked for the hen. I got a gorgeous lace one that someone was selling on here and I love it. Rewore it once, on my honeymoon. I'd say Luckystars is right though, you probably don't get that much wear out of a white dress after so you probably could get a second hand one easily enough. For the day after the wedding I had bought a white lace midi skirt that I randomly found in a boutique and it took me ages to find a top I liked to go with it but eventually came across this one by Lace & Beads. You can get loads of different colours and styles in Topshop and online. I love it & got loads of wear out of both the top and the skirt on my honeymoon... [url:2jjzy0pp]http://www.tfnclondon.com/lace-and-beads-penny-blue-top.html?utm_source=nextopia&utm_medium=shop&utm_campaign=feed[/url:2jjzy0pp]