dress for my brothers wedding???

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lovegirl Posts: 51
My brother is getting married in April this year. I have been looking for a dress for a while now. I bought a dress for Christmas from a small shop where I live. I love the fit of it and style if it. I have found the site for the designer as the shop doesn’t hold a lot of the dresses. What do you think of this dress for a wedding? I’m worried it might be to plain. The other dress I have makes me look very slim. I’m hoping this will do the same for me .I’m a size 14. http://www.koo-ture.com/index.php?route ... ct_id=1935
lovegirl Posts: 51
Dont think the link is working. Hope this picture comes up.
Happy Hayley Posts: 66
I think it's lovely, very elegant. Love the neckline. Is it black? That would be my only thing - do you want to wear such a dark colour in April? I do love the dress though.
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
Lovely dress! Though i agree with Happy Hayley regarding the dark colour for a Spring wedding, maybe lighten the outfit with bright shoes etc
Lovely dress but personally think its a bit plain for immediate family.Would be fine as guest with a statement head piece. Im sure in the next few weeks the spring summer dresses will be out and less dark?
Nostress Posts: 1606
[quote:15csid73]I’m worried it might be to plain[/quote:15csid73] I have to say this dress is far from plain, it's classy and ideal for a wedding. The colour may not be ideal but if you team it with pink or something bright (depending on your colouring) I think it would be lovely. Black and white could also really work
lovegirl Posts: 51
Thanks for the replies .My lovely h2b bought me these shoes for Christmas so I was thinking of wear them with the dress. I would wear something in my hair the same colour. I never even thought about black being too dark a colour for April.
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
I love the idea of the little bits of red coming through, if I were braver I'd go for a siren red lip and smokey eye... but I'm a wimp. I think the whole outfit sounds gorgeous and not a bit plain!
Secret2013 Posts: 227
I think it all looks fab and not a bit plain at all it's very elegant.
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
I think it looks stunning and its about you being comfortable on such a long day and if you feel fabulous, that's the main thing! I wore a black dress to a July wedding last year with statment shoes and hat and everybody commented on how striking it was, go for it I say :)