Dress length when buying online

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angel1978 Posts: 1154
Hope someone can help me here with this one. Im ordering my dress on Monday and have decided to get it from House of Brides online. Im just unsure of the whole hollow to hem so hoping someone that has already been through it and help me. Place where im getting alterations done measured me up but they measure hollow to hem from the back neck bone, now with heels they said it was 58" which seems to be what the designers standard length is and if you need extra then you add 75 dollars and whatever inches. Im just a bit unsure because im 5 foot 6 without heels and my heels are 4 inches which makes me 5 10 and on the website it says if you are under 5 8 with heels you can get standard and if your over you need the extra. Dont know what to do as dress maker said i was 58" so the standard would be perfect. So my question is did anyone else that is 5 6 and wearing a 4" heel order the standard 58" and did it fit perfectly? I know this is a long shot.
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Can't help with the actual length because I'm smaller than you - I got the standard length and will need it taken up. My only advice would be if you are not sure or the standard length will just be the exact inches you might be better getting extra lenght - its easy to get most dresses taken up but if they're too short there's not much can be done except for wearing flat shoes!
angel1978 Posts: 1154
Thanks for that sillysocks. Can i ask what height you are and what height your heels are and how much do you reckon you will need to get it taken up as that would give me a good indication. I really dont want to have to get it taken up if i can help it and its an extra 75 for an extra inch or more.
newyear09wife Posts: 899
Hi Angel, I am in no way as tall as you so I cant really help directly with your question but what I will say to you is bear in mind that different body shapes mean different people, even ones the exact same height, will measure differently from hollow to hem. My suggestion is to go to a bridal shop with a 4 inch heel on you and try on a sample that has a similar neck line to yours.. check with the assistant that it is a standard fitting and see how it falls to the ground on you.... if it sits where you want it to then bingo :o)ll you know the standard will do you if its falls short then you know you need to order extra length. HTH
dumdidum Posts: 105
Hi guys I had this issue too when ordering my dress online.... but depending on the fall of your dress and if you can wear a hoop with it, this will help use up some of the length! I tried on the sample dress in the shop and it was way too long, however once i used the hoop skirt underneath the dress was surprisingly shorter.. HTH
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Well Im about 5ft 3 and heels will be about 3 inches. Would say I'll need about one or two inches off. I imagine diff designers have diff standard lengths though. Is there any way you could go to a shop and try on the standrd length wh8ich the shop would have? You'd know then! The samples in shops are normally standard length.
angel1978 Posts: 1154
I never thought of different peoples sizes affecting length and hoops etc. Mine has no hoop and is A line so i dont need to worry about that. I will ring them again tomorrow afternoon just before booking and ask them to explain it to me a bit better. The shop that had my dress had it in a size 16 and the length was ridiculously long since im only a size 6 - 8 so cant go by that either. Whoever said dress shopping was easy lied O:| O:|