dress/long top & leggings

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Always hoping Posts: 784
Hi just wondering are any of ye wearing these for maternity wear. Have a few pairs of leggings which still fit fine but I need a few new dresses/tops. I tried on quite a few today - non maternity and they looked so bad on me. Anything figure hugging and my bum looked at big as my bump and anything loose/baggy/empire line and I looked like an overweight 4 yr old iykwim :-8 There are loads out there at the mo so I really should be able to find something to suit. I don't want to spend much either. Anyone find some nice ones? Maybe I should be looking in the maternity dept???
milis Posts: 7998
I think you are better off looking in the maternity departments. The fit will be better, and flatter your bump better. I've a few dresses, they're from asos and mamalicious.
Always hoping Posts: 784
Thanks Milis your prob right!
mummytime Posts: 3149
i got a black dress and leggings from m&s maternity department.