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corkrebel Posts: 744
Hi girls.... Just wondering if anyone knows of/ can recommend any good dressmakers in Cork? I have my dream dress in mind and am going to try it on in Dublin on Sat but it is a bit over my budget and I am looking to see if any dress makers might make it for I would not have a pattern... thanks! :)
scotswedding Posts: 2829
hi cork rebel. Try the fashion & beauty forum, you'll probably get a better response or old topic on it there. :D
Mrs.TNGMay05 Posts: 106
Hi Corlkrebel - I've PM'd you .... TNG
mjm Posts: 393
hi Cork Rebel, I have heard great things about dress designer Ernst Perryman (somewhere on French Church Street) he is supposed to be pretty expensive though. I have also used a girl (think her name was Amy) in Lee Alterations on bottom of bridge street, but I only got her to alter a pretty complicated evening dress for me, she did a super job but I dont know if she makes wedding dresses?
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
Hio Corkrebel - I've PM'd you too.... Rach
Fleur Posts: 569
Hi Cork Rebel, Ernst Perryman is the guy I was telling you about but sorree I still don't have his details. I'll try to get them for you asap. Cheers