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adoherty2424 Posts: 257
Hey ladies What de ya think of the this dress Cant get the image up but its Fara Sposa 5750
bridee2b Posts: 2534
Tried getting that image up there for you adoherty, but no joy I'm afraid... That dress is very similar to one which I had picked out - gorgeous!!!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Is this it? [img:1n5lygaw]http://blog.webboda.es/wp-content/uploads/modelos/fara-sposa/2011/novia/5750-2.jpg[/img:1n5lygaw] I love the simplicity of the skirt, the material is fab. Not sure about the bow though, maybe a bit big?
adoherty2424 Posts: 257
Ah ladies thanks for the input still so undecided.....................
FamilyWay1 Posts: 60
Ooh that dress is absolutely gorgeous... love it :ooh [url=http://alterna-tickers.com:10b8e8k1][img:10b8e8k1]http://alterna-tickers.com/tickers/generated_tickers/d/dflg7uoyt.png[/img:10b8e8k1][/url:10b8e8k1]