Dress shopping for Oct 2016 brides

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Vintageglam16 Posts: 8
Hi girls, Would love some help or advice! My wedding is mid October next year and I'm in limbo a bit with wedding dress shopping! I've been to 4 shops so far and see nothing I like (is this normal?) and a lot of shops are telling me 2016 stock isn't in and I should be waiting until the new year to dress shop. I'm a little nervous to do that though as it only leaves me a month to find 'the dress' - going by the 8 month order rule... Is anyone else having the same issue or am I super fussy? would love to hear other October brides experiences! Thanks xx
esla2016 Posts: 214
There's plenty dresses that are 6 months rather than 8. I'd start looking at the 2016 lookbooks (some are up on the designer sites and on bridal sites) and start targeting specific designers / styles, especially if you haven't seen anything you'd like! In the more traditional style shops I saw nothing (in end am getting dress made, which takes way less time by the way). I feel a bit like you need to find a shop that fits your own style.
Vintageglam16 Posts: 8
Hi :) thanks a mill for the reply - your right about targeting and finding my own style. The first shops I went to I didnt really research I just went along hoping to see something I'd like. It's crazy though, lots of styles I liked on other people and pinned didn't suit me at all. I was thinking about getting a dress made too but is it super expensive?
esla2016 Posts: 214
My dress is simple so not too dear - it's inspired by a dress I saw in a shop, but with adjustments, and is about half the price! I've no lace or any significant detailing, which would potentially add on a bit. When I say not too dear I mean in the grand scheme of dresses... which is a lot of money! I should have said - I'd assumed it would be insanely dear and when I heard the price from a friend who'd discussed with the designer I wanted (tho had not gone through) I made an appointment immediately. A good bit cheaper than anything in the city centre shops - several hundred and more cheaper
Vintageglam16 Posts: 8
Sounds like the way to go! I think that's a lot of my problem - everything I've seen in shops are way too lace & bling. I want a simple elegant, silk or satin material dress with something a bit wow, like a low or detailed back design. Might do some research on getting something made ;)
Auntienic Posts: 11
Hi ladies, I'm on Oct 2016 bride too and have recently started dress shopping. I had no idea what I wanted but was pretty lucky after the first few shops I had found exactly the style I wanted. There are some lovely backless dresses around at the moment, I tried on a few!
Vintageglam16 Posts: 8
Hi there, that's great that your seeing styles you like! Any names of designers that stock in Ireland? I like the low back dresses too!
esla2016 Posts: 214
If you are in / can go to Dublin, try the Suite vintageglam16 - they have a lot of dresses that sound like your kind of thing, that's kind of the lines I am going for (tho not too low in the back as I need to wear a proper bra - there's no solution for a FF cup that's reliable & comfortable - and the dress I loved is very low cowl). they have Charlie Brear and Monique Lhullier for a start, and loads more. Way more silk/satin than lace when I was in (July). Sounds like a shop that might suit you? Would give you ideas anyway Knightbridge in Powerscourt have beautiful Joanna Johnson silk dresses but they are like 2.5-3k.
Sin16 Posts: 236
I am the 4th of November 2016 and I have my dress. I went to 7 shops in the end. I got my dress in September. The girls in the shops all told me there is no real fashion with wedding dresses. There is of course slight changed every year but you need a dress that suits you. Fashion might not come into it. Its all about what you like. I looked at so many different styles and the one I picked was totally different to what I thought I would like but as soon as I put it on I knew it was the one! Go looking now because it will take you a while also you need to book appointments in all the places also.
Lucky-In-Love Posts: 133
One thing I would say to you is not to get bogged down in the whole 2016 style. TO be perfectly honest there is no real difference in bridal dresses from one year to the next. Chances are you have a particular style in mind anyway (A-line/mermaid, lace etc). These things wont change from year to year. Another thing I was similiar to you on - went to 3-4 shops and saw nothing. Ya I could have settled on a dress if I had to but was holding out because I felt there was something out there that I would love. I was starting to panic a bit because I felt every dress looked the same and then couldnt distinguish between them. I found mine on the 4th or 5th shop and it was the only dress that I tried on that I loved and was so excited to buy. Just remember all you need to do is fall in love with one dress, don't worry about all the others you have to try on to get there!