Dress shopping nightmare

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nicolaw Posts: 2
Hi guys. little advice needed. So were getting married in nov 2017. All v exciting. I was told that for bridal gowns that you need to go shopping around 8/10 months before the wedding so in my case i guess i would need to go looking around jan/feb. Only problem is im currently pregnant and due in october but i know myself i wont be at my target weight by jan or feb. Some people have suggested i just buy in a sample sale but ive no idea what kind of dress would suit me and i dont want to buy something just for the sake of it. Anyone any ideas?? O:|
MariaCF Posts: 16
I wouldn't worry about being at target weight. As long as you can try stuff on and get an idea of what suits you you'll be able to pick a dress. Order for size you are at that time and get it taken in. First fittings are usually four to five weeks before wedding so you'll have time. If you want to buy a sample you should still be able to get a choice at larger size and take it in closer to wedding date. In my opinion its a bad idea to buy smaller size as it puts alot of pressure on you and could be very stressful thinking will you lose enough. Better to be in position to take in as much or as little as needed.