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ShindyB Posts: 19
Hi all, Just wondering is there much of a price differnece between bridal boutiques for wedding dresses? I'm starting the hunt shortly and one of my friends said that the shop I've booked my first appointment in is "very expensive". It's a wedding dress so I'm not expecting it to be cheap but does anyone know if the price of dresses (e.g. Ronald Joyce, Maggie Sottero etc) vary much from boutique to boutique? Thanks!
Havana club Posts: 113
I would imagine they differ shop to shop. Alexander's bridal in Dublin sell those brands. The ones I tried were €1100-1300
lorrimar Posts: 837
Definitely shop around. My dress is a Mori Lee dress and the shop I'm getting it in were charging €400 more than other bridal shops. When I said this to them they agreed to match the lower price
Molly710 Posts: 110
Lomimar, can I ask ball park how much mori lee dresses tend to cost? I haven't started shopping but have seen some online that I like but have no idea how much to budget!
lorrimar Posts: 837
I was told it was €1350 but got it for €950 - the other 3 bridal shops I checked all had it for between €945 - €960 so be sure to shop around.
ShindyB Posts: 19
Super, thanks a million all. I'll definitely shop around so! EEEKKK so excited!