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Jawl Posts: 8881
I'm going dress shopping soon, and it's been playing on my mind a lot. It's the biggest 'shop' of my life it would be fair to say :ooh I've got a little notebook and listed all the bridal stores and their numbers. And I'm also listing dresses I like. IE Justin Alexander 1234, Alfred Sung 8910 etc. I'm planning on doing 2 shops a day, with a stop off for lunch afterwards. Two are in town, and the others I'm planning to see are out of town. I'll hopefully do it over 2 days. How did you do it? Who went? Who stressful was it? Will I enjoy it? :eek :o0
roisinmace Posts: 223
jawl, it's like i made your post. I'm so nervous about the whole thing of buying 'the dress'!! So I'm really very interested in what other wollies have to say on this subject. What shops are you going to in town Jawl?
lux Posts: 6270
Hi Jawl!!! I went on my own to the first couple of shops so I would not have opinions coming at me. I prefer to shop alone anyway. I made sure to wear clothes that were easy to change out of (a simple dress and cardi) and clear tights (no thick winter ones are you lose the effect of the dress I found). I took my time in each one I liked and there were one or two I didn't even let the girls lace up because I knew they were not "me". Two in a day is probably enough as the dresses can become quite samey after a while. I found two REALLY stood out for me so I knew the others were not for me. I found that, unlike others, the style I had in mind suited me and even though I tried different suggested styles they were not for me. I am bringing my sister (who is VERY honest) and mum (who is DYING to go shopping) back to see two shops over the weekend. I am giving dress shopping one last go before I decide to have my dress made, but if I fall in love I'll buy it then and there-I am very decisive though. One surprise was the prices. My budget was €1200 (MAX-more likely to be €800) and there were a huge range of dresses in that range. I would tell the shop your budget if it is strict as it is easy to get carried away and get talked into a dress that's twice the budget. I know some people throw caution to the wind but I was very strict and did not try ANY dresses over my budget. HTH!
havemovedon Posts: 2013
I jotted down names and numbers of dresses too and without fail, hated every one of them in real life when I tried them on! So don't get too upset if the dream dress in a photo doesn't do it for you in reality. I have to say I was disheartened at the start, because so many people on WOL had posted about getting their dress from three or four very popular designers and those dresses just didn't seem right for me at all. Try on all kinds of dresses and don't limit yourself to a particular style. I would never have bought the dress I did had the shop assistant not persuaded me to try it on (for 'persuaded' read stroked it softly, suggested it would really suit me, thrust it into my arms and pointed me towards the changing room!) I did 4 shops alone and it was a GREAT idea. When I had narrowed it down to a few dresses I brought the BMs. Too many cooks spoil the broth and you will be influenced by others' opinions. But it's not others' wedding days so establish what you really like yourself first. Also if you can, go shopping on a weekday, there's no scrum on a quiet Tuesday but on weekends a bridal shop can be like a circus.
Jawl Posts: 8881
That is the one thing alright girls, I'm open to anything! Most of the girls I know who looked absolutely stunning on their wedding days told me they had been trying on dresses all day and in the end, went with what the ladies in the shope recommended. They didn't think much of them, and all said, once they were on it was like 'Wow'.
lux Posts: 6270
Jawl, hope its not TMI but make sure you're well groomed as most of the dresses need an assistant to do up and they WILL be opening the changing room to help you! Also, no fake tan and minimal makeup and bring a bottle of water. I found it is helpful to listen to the assistants, they know their stuff and point out things you might not have thought of. I didn't want a train at all and knew that they can be pinned up, but a couple of dresses I liked could easily be modified to be trainless, something I did not realise was an option, so don't be afraid to ask what you think might be silly questions.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
+1 on the grooming thing. I was showered, plucked and preened to within an inch of my life! Bought new 'nude' underwear too (I didn't have any) so that I could see what the dress looked like without big black knickers underneath. Didn't wear fake-tan (never do anyway) and just a light make-up but had my hair done nicely. I think if you feel good you look good you know? The assistants do come into the dressing room with you to lace you up, but they're really discreet, they don't stare at you or point out your cellulite or anything!! My best friend came with me twice and then another time I brought my Mam and then when I had decided on the dress, I brought my Mam and FMIL to see it. They say less is more so maybe a bridesmaid and your Mam rather than bringing 10 people into the shop. Try on lots and lots of dresses, even ones you're sure you don't want just to make SURE it's not nice on. I knew I didn't want any dresses in a heavy satin material, the very traditional dress but I tried one on anyway, just to make sure. Also like another poster a couple of dresses I'd seen in magazines, well similar styles anyway, did nothing for me. The dress I eventually chose was one the shop assistant brought out to me and said she thought it would suit. And it did! Best of luck, really enjoy the experience, it's such fun. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
HippyDippie Posts: 256
ok this was my number one worry as i HATE shopping. Im a jeans and tshirt girl! I found my dress in the first shop. It was the second one i tried on, I tried on loads after it but none felt the same. That was last week. I took a week to think about it and went and tried it on again last night and paid my deposit on it! :) Any of the ones i had been looking at and wanted looked horrible on me... so have ideas but try on everything they throw at you!!! :)You never know!!!
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Hey, don't be nervous about this! It's really fun trying dresses on. After my first appointment I couldn't wait to try more on :o0 Have to say after the 3rd shop I was starting to get a big white blur of dresses in my head and it became quite confusing! I think I found 1 dress in each shop I liked, so it was down to 4 in the end. really is good to get an opinion (probably no more than 3 people with you). One shop I went to didn't allow makeup because they sell off the peg, so just check before you go. I wore white underwear and a strapless bra. Got to the stage I was just whipping my clothes off cos I'd done it that many times :o0 I would agree to trying on many different styles as often something you didn't think you would like, actually looks really good :) And just take a few days/weeks to let it all settle, you'll probably end up thinking about 1 in particular. That's my advice, have fun cos you only do it once!!
ros33 Posts: 202
hey, this is the most exciting part!, my first two shops i just had my chief bm with me and she was brill, came armed with pen and notebook;-) (she took notes of styles i liked, material i liked, shape i liked etc! she is the best) You need someone who can be critical, while also stay quiet while you try to judge it and see does it suit you. Try on every style that is def' an important thing to note, don't rule anything out. Listen to the assistants too they really know what they are talking about(most of them anyway!) I would not go on my own, but every one has their own way, reason being i think it was more exciting with her there and also it helps to have an opinion off someone that knows you. best of luck :o)ll