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wispalover Posts: 240
Hi all, I have my dresser/changer ordered from Bellababy, i ordered it in November and still don't have it. Their supplier has let them down and now i am beng told end of jan for it. My baby is due 1st Feb and i really wanted the changer before then so i can have the room ready. I am looking for something like the attached but for a lot cheaper, anyone seen any for about 600 euro cheaper :o0 This is the one i have ordered already: Thanks in advance O-O
Daff Posts: 11644
TBH a chest of drawers with a changing mat stuck on top will do the trick just as well and half the price :-8
wispalover Posts: 240
Yeah i was thinking that. Any ideas where to get drawers from in that colour ? :o0
babymomma Posts: 175
Did you get a cot to match or did you just buy the single piece? If there's a matching cot I would hold out for delivery from bellababy. It's a nightmare trying to match up wood. They may look the same in pictures but when you get the pieces together they are completely different. If not I'd cancel the order and start shopping around. You should be able to pick up something like that without the changer in any of the furniture shops.
wispalover Posts: 240
No i just bought the single piece from them. I think i will have trouble matching the colour to the exact cot colour anyway so as long as its close enough i don't mind. I have actually looked in alot of furniture shops already just for drawers and cannot find any at all. Very frustrating !
wispalover Posts: 240
anyone ? :o)ll
borntobeamammy Posts: 324
hi there TBH i would just hold out for it,there very hepful there,i ordered mine from there too and im due 25th feb,we werent going to get it til after the baby was born anyway.ANd you might even go over anyway so the tbh you wont need it straight away anyway as babs will be in your room for few months anyway and maybe possible you could store baby clothes in a wardrobe until it arrives. if you do still want to cancel it,how about ikea,ive know people to get stuff there and apparently its gorgeous!!! or you could get a cheap chest of drawers as someone else said and even paint or stain it in the colour you want,i wouldnt get too stressed about it hun xx
coconut Posts: 2183
did u look at ikea?? i got my set there!
wispalover Posts: 240
Thanks for the replies, i just want to get the room organised thats why i want it now ! I know i am impatient but thats me :o0 Ikea do have some lovely drawers but none in the colour i want, they are either too light or too dark. Anyone else any ideas where to get drawers from? In a dark (but not really really dark) brown? Seen any online?
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Wispa I seen drak furniture in the mothercare brochure (don't remember seeing it on their site but I could be wrong) we were going to order it and the only reason we didn't was nowhere had them on show for us to view :wv