Dried Baby's Breath

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rumplyconch Posts: 38
Hi, Hoping to make my own bouquets with silk flowers etc but would love some dried baby's breath as I love the look of it! Has anyone spotted some anywhere?? Thanks a mill
lindserella Posts: 45
I'm doing silk flowers for my wedding too and want baby's breath too so if anyone finds this out, please let me know too! Thanks so much!
Sharon Mc Meel Wedding Planner Posts: 5
Hi Ladies, Silk flower bouquets are lovely, great idea! If you’re making the bouquet yourself why not dry the baby’s breath yourself too. It’s actually really simple to do and a good way to cut costs. Here’s how you can do it: 1. Buy fresh Baby’s Breath from your florist. 2. Bundle them (five stems approx per bundle) and tie them tightly at the stem with a rubber band. 3. Hang the bundle(s) upside down in a place where it is warm, dark and has good ventilation as the air helps the drying. 4. Usually it takes about 5-7 days to dry them. The flowers should be papery to the touch when ready. If you think they need longer give them 2-3 days and check again. 5. Now that they have dried all you need to do is remove the rubber bands and the flowers are ready to be put into your bouquet. Hope this helps you out! Wishing you all the best on your day, Sharon
rumplyconch Posts: 38
Oh thanks a mill Sharon, have dried my own herbs before but for some reason presumed this would be much harder!!! Stupid question but once they're dried they'll last right??? My wedding isn't until December. Thanks again for your help, xXx
Sharon Mc Meel Wedding Planner Posts: 5
Hi again, The flowers normally last an extremely long length of time! I would recommend having a test run in the summer months to get a feel for handling them as they can be delicate. If you are getting married in December maybe consider starting the drying process 2 months in advance. After your test run however you will know when is best for you to start. Let me know how you get on! Sharon