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superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
following on from the news what are your views on the drink drive limits being reduced?? the current level is 80mg /100ml which is how many drinks :-8 ?? they are hoping to reduce it to 50mg/100mls of blood! by doing this Switzerland reduced alcohol related deaths by 44% :eek
fish12 Posts: 389
Mrspiggytobe Posts: 281
[quote="Corcy":psbw9bew]Definately agree with it. If it was up to me it would be zero tolerence, this way theres no room for confusion/excuses- "thought I could have one" or "I had a big meal so can get away with two drinks" rubbish. Not to sound like an alcoholic but personally I wouldn't be bothered going out for just one, I'll have a few, make a night of it and get a taxi home or just stay in. If I'm meeting someone for literally one, I'll have a 7up. Hate to see people getting into their cars after a few[/quote:psbw9bew] +1. I totally agree. Alcohol is not worth it!! If i'm going to have one i usually have a few (since i started running 6 months ag my tolerance has drastically decreased, so i'm a fairly cheap date, 2 big glasses of wine & i'm ready for my leaba!) and get a taxi home. Otherwise i'll just have a mineral water. My dad still has a few & drives & i HATE it!! Have said it to him on many occasions but to no avail. I nearly find myself hoping he gets caught.