drinking every day during wedding abroad and pregnant now!

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weekrusty Posts: 115
Hey ladies - i can't believejust over 3 weeks ago before I went to Italy to get married, I was on the weddings abroad forum - now i'm on the babies forum!! I got back on sunday night and did a pregnancy test today and it's positive. i'm so worried though, i drank every day for 3 weeks - 2 weeks in Italy with all our guests and then a week in Marrakech after. I can't get a doctors appointment until Monday and i'm very worried about the damage i've done. Anyone else in the same boat with a honeymoon baby??? I'm worried sick :o(
Handymammy Posts: 1086
firstly huge congrats!! :o)ll Don't worry about it, a lot of people don't realise until they are 2 months pregnant and so they have been out on the lash etc. It goes without saying that you should either give up drink now or just have the odd glass of wine. I was at 3 christmas parties in the week before I realised I was pregnant on my first and I had smoked and drank for Ireland at them. No effects on my little boy- I gave up the second I saw the BFP. Good luck with the next 9 months
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I got my BFP the day I got back from holiday's - had spent 10 very enjoyable days in the sun with vino every night with dins, some beers & usually a cocktail or two. Doc said not to worry about drinking that early on but as previous poster said to give up the booze for the remainder of the pregnany! Congrats on your BFP!!! :o)ll
pag Posts: 633
As the others have said, don't worry as many dont' find out they are pregnant until much later one. Plus the placenta is only forming at this stage so you won't be feeding drink etc to your little fetus yet! Just ensure you are taking folic acid and eat as well as you can now. Congrats to you!
im waiting Posts: 2727
Please dont worry, on my 2 I happen to drink alot aswell before I discovered I was pregnant and they are 2 very healthy kids Congradulations by the way :o)ll
weekrusty Posts: 115
Thanks girls, I can't get a doctors appointment until Monday and i've been very worried...I only did the pregnancy test this morning!! O:o)
Rachel Berry Posts: 359
Seriously don't worry:) I went on a serious bender with a friend before I realized I was pregnant. I would say I drank the guts of two bottles of wine (suffered terribly afterwards!!!) and the following week, i got my BFP. (Poor baby!!!) :o( :o( :o( Anyways, everything thank God is fine:) So, try not to worry. [url=http://www.thebump.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=UBB&utm_campaign=tickers:1ygq54i8][img:1ygq54i8]http://global.thebump.com/tickers/tta981f.aspx[/img:1ygq54i8][/url:1ygq54i8]
weekrusty Posts: 115
But i was on holiday to get married in Italy, so i was drinking EVERY night for 2 weeks - then went to Marrakech and had a few drinks a day for a week...so 3 weeks of drinking every day. It sounds really bad when I say it like this, but this is the reason i'm worried :(
pag Posts: 633
There is no point in worrying now as there is nothing you can do now and nothing your doctor can do either. As I said your baby and placenta are only developing so as long as you stop drinking now you and baby should be perfectly fine. How far along do you think you are?
im waiting Posts: 2727
Honestly everything is going to be fine. I was,on continous drinking sessions before I discovered I was pregnant with dd, she was the most healthiest child anyone can wish gor and shes extremely clever. Before I found out I was pregnant with ds, I drank and eat so badly the weeks leading to the BFP!!!! He is just as healthy aa his big sister. Once you dont drink during pregnancy from here on in, your baby will be just fine :wv