Drinking ....How to get out of?

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marriedinmay Posts: 578
Anyone have any tips? I have so many night planed out Hen Do's Weddings etc etc I think people are going to know something is up but I don't want to give the game away :eek
June06 Posts: 264
Hi Marriedinmay I had a hen party and wedding in the early days of my pregnancy. At the hen party I actually had a kidney infection so was able to use this truthfully as my excuse I only got one friend asking was i pregnant and I just said no and nobody else even commented. At the wedding I drank mineral all day and to be honest nobody noticed I wasn't drinking until I was driving home again nobody said anything. Try not to worry too much about it just drink mineral and if anyone asks say there is vodka in it or tell them you have a kidney infection or just say your giving drink a break for a while cause your trying to give your liver a detox. Congrats on your pregnancy.
marriedinmay Posts: 578
Thanks for that I have a family wedding party, a family hen do and another family wedding in the space of a month!! My family are big drinkers. Hopefully they will be too drunk to notice I'm not! ha ha :o0
baby2010 Posts: 908
I hear you, I'd a family hen, family wedding and a family 18th all in a few weeks too. I got away with it at the hen cos I said I was drinking West Coast Cooler when it was 7up. At the 18th I drove as I had work next day but if that's not your case say you have something on next morning and need a clear head. And at the wedding I had Bucks Fizz (without the champers so orange juice really) at the drinks reception and then I got the wine guy to give me a half glass white and asked him for a bottle of soda water as a mixer to make a spritzer - didn't touch it and nobody noticed as the craic was mighty. I always had a glass of coke with me and they just presumed that there was bacardi in it as usual. You could say early on in the nights that you've had a head ache all day and that you took some painkillers and that you want to take it easy, that you might have a drink later on. To be honest, when we told everyone in the end that I was pregnant, the most of them has suspected but all admitted that they hadn't noticed that I wasn't drinking, seemingly it was my "glow" ( I though I looked like sh1te!!!). It was my neighbours that suspected cos I wasn't drinking - had two 30th's with them and they'd never seen me not to drink when I was out with them.
tilsun Posts: 4506
For me having to drive is the only one that doesn't cause mega suspicion. I always drink in rounds so cannot do the fake drink thing. I am usually in small groups so would be spotted throwing spirits into a plant :o0 Everyone knows I want to be pregnant so would be watching out for antibiotics etc. So I always come up with a valid reason for having had to drive and it doesn't seem to have raised much suspicion yet. That said, I've been so tired that I've skipped a lot of nights out :o0
Snotzer Posts: 361
tilsun Posts: 4506
I think that was really rude of your friends O:| I'm sure we've all had our suspicions/hopes about couples but would never dream of asking or saying it. It's your news to tell when you're ready.
Snotzer Posts: 361
jen09 Posts: 1390
I found out I was pregnant before the social nights of Christmas took off; I had confided in a friend in work so she was my helping hand; we went "in rounds" and everyone assumed I was drinking 7up & vodka which was great; the same when I was out with h2b, 1 friend copped it as she said to her partner "i was stone cold sober" (she doesn't drink) and no way was I not drinking - but she was very good & said nothing to me as she figured if I wasn't telling it wasn't her place to make me tell. With my family I said I'd a suspected ulcer that couldn't be sorted out till after Christmas & as we flew to Oz on Stephens Day really early on Christmas Day I just told everyone I was avoiding drink as I didn't want to be hungover/dehydrated on plane. I got away with it until we came home.
mtv Posts: 935
just back from a girlie holiday where i decided not to drink just in case i was pregnant. grls raised a couple of eyebrows alright. told them i was on medication but i dont think they really believed me.