Drinking Milk

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi all, Just wondering if any of you have increased your milk intake?? I hate the stuff, and can only drink it ice cold with about 6 ice-cubes in glass. Haven't drank any so far, but on my first pregnancy my then partner insisted I drink a glass with lunch and dinner every day, and DS was 8lb 10.5 - he was big and healthy but did suffer with colic for over 7 months and was lactose intolerant - dunno if this has anything to do with all the milk I was drinking or not! Was thinking I should really start drinking milk again, as good sourse of calcium and good for bones etc. What are ye all doing?
ginger nut Posts: 5989
you do need the calcium and the nutrients that you get from milk. I find drinking milk on its own is quite hard but easier if i have cereal and then eat dairy products during the day - cheese and yoghurt are easier than drinking milk
delly Posts: 36
i drank loads of milk when i was pregnant,luckily i like milk and would drink it every day anyway.my baby was just an ounce shy of 8lbs,she didn't suffer with colic (thank god)she is just over 6 months and hasn't had a bad reaction to anything we've given her so far(fingers crossed it stays like that)so am not sure if your babies difficulties has anything to do with your milk intake.you def need to get calcium into you though,so as gingernut suggested maybe look to other foods.by the way,calcium intake is important not just in pregnancy but to prevent brittle bone disease later on.probably best to discuss with your doctor for their advice
luigi Posts: 867
Milk and cheese were my craving so I had it at every meal and got up in the middle of the night to drink it too :-8 Ginger nuts suggestions are erally good though, as your fluids can be mixed with other things and still provide the nutrients.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I'm not drinking it straight at all,would the whole milk,super or low fat be best?
luigi Posts: 867
Just wanted to add DS was built like a horse and showed up superclear on the scans- everyone joked that his bones were so clear because of all the milk I was drinking! He doesnt have any allergies so far thank god, but I dont really think that all these things can be put down to what you consume in pregnancy. Difficult one really.