Drop side cots??

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ciaraella Posts: 5323
Hi all, i'm starting to look around and price things like cots and buggies. We were thinking of getting a drop side cot as i'm 5 foot 1 and imagine i'll find it difficult to lift and put down babs when the mattress is low in the cot. I then goggled drop side cots to find loads of stories about how they might be banned in the US because of babies getting strangled etc so now i'm kind of freaked! Does anyone have one/recommend them?
Dolliewollie Posts: 163
Hi im the same height and we were looking at the ones that you can adjust the level of the mattress - is that what you mean? I can just about reach the bottom of the big trolleys in dunnes etc :-8
Ochre Posts: 877
Ciara, I was the same when I started looking - I just assumed all cots would drop on one side but I don't think I've seen one the whole time I've looked! On the plus side though, some cots come with adjustable bases so you can move the base up - you wouldn't have to reach as far down then. As the child gets bigger, you can lower it (so the monkeys can't climb out!)
ciaraella Posts: 5323
thanks for the replies! i'm seeing the problem being when the mattress is at it lowest, it would mean i'd have to lean all the way in to the bottom to put the baby down so i'd really have to have step or something, i'd be worried about hurting my back leaning that way and obviously it could be a bit of struggle if you're trying to out a sleeping baby down without waking them! I wouldn't have thought of it at all but my SIL mentioned it, she's not short but her DD's cot is at it's lowest and she's finding it hard to out her down when she's asleep. I've seem some in argos and on a couple of websites and was set on getting one til i saw some of those scary stories on the net!
Tess72 Posts: 1173
There's a scary story about everything, I really wouldn't worry about the childs saftely in relation to the drop side cot. I wanted a cotbed with a dropside and found there were very very few of these but I got one in the end and even though I'm quite tall it was still very handy as my children are big heavy lumps. I moved my dropside cotbed a few times to different rooms in the house and with all the taking it apart and putting it back together I broke the dropside mechanism so that's something to watch out for. It was handy when I did use it so I'd say go ahead and get one. There's always some new study/research/freaky story to scare you about x,y & z.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
thanks Tess, that is true, if you google something you'll always find a scary story about it! i think i'll really need to go for one, otherwise i'll end up with my back in bits, thanks all!
AA11 Posts: 313
I'm 5-1 as well and even though we have a dropside cot I never used it. We have a cradle so our babies always slept in that until they were 6 months and by that time I would never have been putting them down in the cot asleep, they were always awake, but at the same time I always lay them down so its much the same thing. I never had any problems with this. We have a normal cot, not a cotbed. I wouldn't worry too much about the cot having a dropside, if you like the cot you should get it regardless....
Pinkly Posts: 1414
We also had problems with our drop side on DS's cot. It gets loose and nearly came off the rail once so tbh I wouldn't bother with one again. Also by the time your LO will be using the low mattress they will be that bit older so you could put them in sitting up and then lye thrm down, much easier on your back.