Dry and rough hair problm

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Makeuppro Posts: 12
Can anyone recommend me the best natural remedy to overcome dry and rough hair?
CD2018 Posts: 3
Is your hair colour treated / bleached or highlited? I find most hair masks the same to be honest, only thing that helps is no heat and loads of moisturizing treatments x
emmaackermann Posts: 15
The best natural way to treat dry and rough hair is using sulfate-free shampoo and to adopt a special routine that suits your hair.
ayeshakhan Posts: 11
If you want a natural remedy, then the best solution I can give is oiling your hair. But don't keep it on for a short period of time. Make sure it stays overnight so that the coconut oil can seep in your scalp and moisturize every layer. Do this everyday before going to bed. I'm sure you'll see significant results in a week.
natago Posts: 3
I was using coconut mask, it's simple and works for me. my hairdresser said that my hair got too much damage because of hair dryer and the straightener. but don't know how, the coconut mask fixed my hair like in two weeks. all you need to do, just to add some coconut oil to hair tips and leave it for a while and then carefully wash your hair. need to to repeat it at least twice a week.:)
Soph1a80 Posts: 3
Try some oil or moisturizing shampoo. But here's the thing, if used too often it may dry your hair, so be careful. Also, hair may not feel clean after washing.
ameliaharry654 Posts: 6
All replies are very helpful especially for me.